Another New Theme…

I’m still dabbling with new themes… the theme I was using is being retired so I have to make some changes. The one I originally switched to seemed too dark and I missed having my widgets on the side.

So I previewed a few other themes and asked my taste-tester to help me decide. We both narrowed it down to two. Both worked with the things I already have in place, like my recipe page*, my unordered lists**, and my blockquotes***. The more I would look at one I would say, “yeah, this is the one”, then I’d look at the other and say, “well, I like this one too”. It was a hard decision… and one I may change in the future (who knows?). But I’ve chosen this one because it worked with the unordered lists the best. Hope you like the new changes.

I’ll do a proper post, hopefully, later tonight. I’ve been baking today, and I hope to write it all up and publish today, if not, check back tomorrow. 😀

* For some reason, several of the themes do not give my recipe page the formatting it deserves.
** I use ordered and unordered lists ‘all the time’ when I write up recipes.
*** I’ve been using blockquote to separate my recipes from my usual text. The previous theme put it in a nice gray box and it looked great.

Until next time…

*UPDATE – I’ve decided to change to the other one, regardless of the way it works with lists… the color scheme just seems better than the green.


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