New To Me: Oro Blanco Grapefruit…

I find myself wanting to try new-to-me produce whenever I run across something really neat looking. I was in the store the other day and I saw these green grapefruits. Green?

In the display case, all of them were green, so I wondered, were they ripe and green? Taking note of the variety, oro blanco, I went ahead and grabbed two.

Then I did some research… oro blanco translated means, “white gold”. Also the oro blanco is a hybrid between a grapefruit and a pomelo.[source] I’ve never had a pomelo… now I must try one. 🙂

They are lighter than they look, and once I started to peel one I found that the pith is quite thick. I peeled it like an orange, because these days that’s how I’ve been eating my grapefruit. Usually after a run, and the grapefruit is a great after-run snack when you are all sweaty… the grapefruit is so much sweeter.. try it sometime.

Anyway, I peeled the oro blanco grapefruit the same way I’d peel a ruby red, but what I found out while eating it was that it would probably do better sliced in half and eaten ‘old school’. Why? Well because even though this variety of grapefruit is much sweeter than the other varieties I’ve tried, the pith and skin is where it’s bitter. Plus the skin is thicker than I was used to so it was a bit messy trying to get to the good stuff.

Had I cut it in half, then ate each section it would have been better. In fact, I think I will…

Oh yeah, that’s the stuff…

What!? I’m saving the other half for my taste-tester! Clearly I could eat all of this one too, but I do want him to try out this variety of grapefruit. I will have to keep my eye out for this variety next time I go to the store… while I’m at it, I think I will look for a pomelo too. 😉

Until next time…


5 thoughts on “New To Me: Oro Blanco Grapefruit…

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  2. I too came across some of these green grapefruit-looking citrus fruits in the store. When I read the sticker on them it said, “Oro Blanco” and I knew immediately that it had to be some kind of grapfruit because their flesh is white in color so I decided to take two home with me. I also noticed the rind was thick and the pith looked like it was going to be bitter so I didn’t bother to eat it, just began peeling it all off the fruit. It tasted sweet but not overly like an orange but sweeter than a regular grapefruit and not too tart or bitter. Thanks for posting all the info and pics for others to read up on this cross breed between a pomelo and a grapefruit. Oh, and I just had some amazing orange persimmons today that my sister brought me from my mom’s yard out from L.A.

  3. I have a dwarf Oroblanco grapefruit tree and I was surfing to buy another. Saw your blog. Tree ripened Oroblanco’s are yellow with a hint of green. I think they are the best of the grapefruit and a hybrid that actually worked out well – but hard to find in stores

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