Cows With Guns…

I’ve been trying to figure out what to write about today. Writing daily is a bit of a challenge. I had a bunch of half-ideas. But at some point today my taste-tester mentioned “cows with guns”. Um? Ok.

Well it’s a song, folks, one that made the rounds in the late 90’s. And when I say, made the rounds, we’re talking worldwide. Anyway, it’s a fun song.

I searched for some time to try to figure out if the singer/songwriter, Dana Lyons, was a vegetarian, and I finally found the evidence. In Vegetarian Times (circa 1993), it is stated that Dana Lyons became a vegetarian four years prior (aka 1989).

So since the singer is a vegetarian, and his song is about cows fighting back… I thought I’d link to the video of his song, “Cows with Guns”

Until next time…


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