The Soup That Wasn’t…

I was planning to make a soup tonight, one that I’ve made and blogged about before (Navy Bean and Winter Squash Soup with Sage Bread Crumbs).

While preparing the squash, I managed to cut my thumb. It was a stupid mistake, one that I knew better than to do, but apparently I wasn’t thinking. So take it from me folks, DO NOT peel a vegetable towards yourself. I never do that, but for some reason I did tonight. And a butternut squash is hard to peel to begin with, so the sheer force I was using made my injury worse than it would have been peeling, say, a cucumber.

The crime scene…

Anyway, I immediately stopped cooking, had my taste-tester get us dinner out on his way home (it’s not vegan, although it is vegetarian)… but at the point that we were making dinner choices, my thumb hurt too much to care. I was just glad to have dinner brought to me so that I could avoid sharp objects for a few hours. 😕

We’ll see how my thumb feels in the morning, as to what I will be preparing next… currently the bleeding has stopped but my thumb is quite swollen. Luckily the pain has subsided. Although, my chagrin will last a few days.

Until next time…


3 thoughts on “The Soup That Wasn’t…

  1. You have my sympathy.
    I rescued an abandoned pumpkin with the thought of a pumpkin chili.
    First thought-peel pumpkin. Pull out all varieties of peeling tools.
    I look at tools. Try each in turn on the pumpkin. Failure.
    Eventually used a knife.
    I lost a fair amount of pumkin meat. However, I am not terribly upset since half the pumpkin is still to be cooked down and I already have 6 quarts of puree turned into chili.
    I think the next 6 quarts becomes a curry base.

    • Susan – Pumpkin chili sounds interesting! 🙂 12 quarts of pumpkin puree, wow! That’s a lot of pumpkin! Winter squashes are very hard to peel, butternut squash is the easiest to peel I think and even that takes serious strength… I think from now on I’m just gonna roast that sucker before I use it, the skin will practically fall off once it’s been in the oven for a while. 🙂

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