Little-bit Update…

Ok, so I’m not really writing as much as I had planned for Vegan MoFo, my worry over Little-bit has me preoccupied. Let me rewind a bit…

*WARNING: This may be too graphic for some readers. If talk of dog poo offends you, stop reading now.*

For the past week, Little-bit has been a bit more snuggly than usual, seeing as how he’s not really a snuggly dog this is a bit weird. Hindsight being 20/20, it should have been a sign that he didn’t feel well, but I think we were just so happy that he wanted to hang out so close to us that we didn’t question it. The hair on his back started to get little scabby spots and when you went to investigate, the hair would fall out at that place. Then on Thursday morning, there was blood in his stool. πŸ˜•

During my research before the move to San Diego, I found a vet that I was interested in going to. I looked it up again, reread some of the reviews and decided that I would indeed give that vet a try. I’m so glad I did… I really liked the vet, he sat on the floor with Little-bit and made me feel very comfortable. As I gave him Little-bit’s medical history, he made me feel like he was on the same page as my beloved vet from before.

Turns out that the scabby spots on his back are flea dermatitis… basically, an allergy to fleas. Even though we did not find any fleas on him, we did find quite a bit of flea ‘dirt’ (which turns out to be flea excrement). He gave me a shampoo that would not wash off the Frontline and told me to wait 24 hours after his bath to put the Frontline on him. Being completely skeeved out by the thought of fleas in my home, I set about cleaning his bedding, vacuuming the house like a freak, and – out of character for me – even sprayed the carpet with flea spray. That pretty much ate up my Thursday.

As for the blood in the stool, the scary part, he is running a few tests for things like Giardia, Campylobactor, etc. and gave me antibiotics. From my experience last year, I should have known to just ‘wait it out’… but I think yesterday I was just so stressed from it all that I overreacted a bit. See on Thursday, he didn’t poo again so I couldn’t give the vet an adequate sample to do the tests on. So I had to wait until Friday morning. On Friday morning the poo was much closer to diarrhea and lots more blood. It was disturbing to say the least, and then to have to take a sample of it and put it into a little tube will make your day go much different than you had planned. When I delivered the sample to the vet, Little-bit had to poo again and it still contained disturbing amounts of blood.

After the vet, I ran some small errands, with puppy in tow, and got home perhaps an hour and a half later. I was getting ready to write yesterday’s post when Little-bit started to try to vomit. Nothing came out, and he was shaking. He dry-heaved about 3 times and then went and got some water. I was starting to get very worried. He then went off to the bathroom to be cool and be alone. I went and checked on him and decided that his stomach seemed bigger, tighter. Sure he’s full of gas and he feels like crap, this I know, but I guess in my worry I thought maybe it was more so.

I went and researched bloat in dogs… um, yeah, not something you want to do when you are already vulnerable… apparently bloat is deadly. I called my taste-tester at work and told him my concerns. Then I called the vet and asked if they thought I should bring him in… he’d only had two doses of the antibiotic so it hadn’t really started to work yet. They were currently in surgery so they made me an appointment for about 3 hours later. I called back my taste-tester and asked if he could help me out. Then I wrote yesterday’s post.

By the time my taste-tester got home, about an hour later (he was in a meeting), he said that Little-bit’s stomach seemed normal-ish to him, not the balloon swelling that I was thinking… figuring that he had probably been passing gas for the last hour, I agreed that it did seem less tight than earlier. We took Little-bit out to see how he was doing. Little-bit seemed alert, he even tried to greet another dog enthusiastically, he seemed fine. So I called the vet and canceled my appointment saying that we’d keep an eye on him.

We basically just hung out with the pup and let him sleep. At his next medication time, I fed him and he went out and everything seemed to be on the mend.

This morning, I took Little-bit out and I was not able to find any blood and his poo was less loose. He is doing great. He went down the stairs with ease, tried to run to greet another puppy, seems just fine.

So, antibiotics and rest are on today’s agenda… but I think he’s on the mend. He has such a strong constitution, he amazes me every time.

Apologies on the dog poo visuals, but I did warn you.

Until next time…


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