Halloween Weekend Wrap-up…


How was your Halloween weekend? Ours was fun, this is my taste-tester’s favorite time of the year… Autumn, Halloween, Movie fests, and Zombie games! 🙂

One of my neighbors made this cool Jack O’ lantern, I had to take a photo…

The leaves are changing, ever so slightly… tomorrow’s forecast is 80°F! Autumn? …

We’ve been watching Halloween-ish movies like crazy all month (see side panel on right for our list of watched movies so far) and last night we played “Last Night On Earth” which was really fun! We meant to play that game more during the month, it has complicated rules and we always just start to ‘get the game’ and then we put it away and don’t play it again for 6 months (we have to re-learn the game the next time we take it out).

We also have something like 15 more movies (on DVD) that we want to see… so we’ve decided to extend Halloween for another 24 days! 😀 We will celebrate 55 days of Halloween with yummy Autumnal food, movie fests, and gaming nights!

For this week’s food I’ve decided to bring back the meals I made during Oktoberfest. I made red cabbage w/ tempeh, fried potatoes and onions, green beans, sauerkraut, pumpernickel w/ mustard, and grilled pineapple (thanks neighbor!)…

Tonight I’m craving the jaeger sauce and mashed potatoes. 😀

We were able to eat all of the cupcakes well before Halloween with the help of my neighbor who graciously took 15 of those sweet treats off my hands. 😉 Otherwise they would soon be on my hips. 😛 I have to say, the lemon swamp thing cupcakes were my favorite. My taste-tester was looking forward to cupcakes with tentacles… good thing we’ve decided to extend our celebrations. 🙂

I had intended to make some banana-oatmeal-chocolate-chip cookies with my new Halloween cookie sheet, but sadly I ran out of time (* another reason to extend the holiday). And started to wonder if I should continue to make so many sweets at once since my jeans are starting to fit a little bit tight. 😳

But then this morning I thought, hey, if I up my exercise (which at the moment is non-existent) then I can eat more treats (in moderation). So I decided to incorporate some more exercise into my day. Going slower this time than I have in the past. I never was one for ‘no pain, no gain’… I’m more of a ‘slow and steady wins the race’ kind of gal. 😀 The jog/walk I did the other day was good and bad… about 3 miles (50 minutes) doing intervals of walking and running. I was able to sustain a run for about 3 minutes (downhill) once, and was really proud of myself, but I had DOMS for like 3 days afterwards… which only set me back.

It’s a new month, one filled with other goals like Vegan MOFO (writing/blogging 5 x wk), so I figured now was a good time to reassess my exercise and get my butt moving. My injuries sustained from the move are healing, but not quite up to par, so slow and steady is key for me. My goals this week are small, so as to not discourage myself…

  • 5 x wk – puppy stroll (~1 mi) = ~ 5 mi/ wk
  • 5 x wk – yoga (30 min)= ~ 2.5 hr/ wk
  • 1 x wk – family stroll (~3 mi) = ~3mi/ wk
  • 2.5 hr yoga, 8 mi walk / wk

Little bit and I took our ~1 mi walk this afternoon and I took pictures… I counted 21 lizards! I need to find those squirrels! I’ve been told that they do exist in SoCal, but I have to go to them. One of these days I’ll have to go on an excursion to find those elusive squirrels…

I had to take some fun pictures too…

I had better get into the kitchen… that Jaeger sauce won’t make itself! 😀

Until next time…


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