Friday Night Bites…

For today’s Friday Night Bites, I decided to recreate a vegan pizza that I had from whole foods a few weeks back.

Do you remember this hummus pizza?

We’ve been munching on some Sabra chipotle hummus this week and it occurred to me that it would really add some zazz to the hummus pizza. The chipotle hummus is a bit spicy though and I felt it took away from some of the hummus taste, so I decided to pair it with some roasted garlic hummus. 😀

I purchased some whole wheat pizza dough from whole foods yesterday and put it the fridge… today when I took it out it had risen a bit. So I very carefully stretched it out with my hands so I wouldn’t loose all that lift. Placed it on a cookie sheet that had cornmeal and flour on it to help prevent sticking. I put several dashes of dried basil all around the dough and then sprinkled a bit of olive oil on top of that, carefully, I spread out the olive oil with my hands.

I cooked the dough in a 450°F oven for 20 minutes, until it was golden…

Meanwhile, I sliced up a shallot and some olive oil, it was in a broiler pan for the first 10 minutes that the pizza was in the oven, I set it aside to cool…

Once the dough was cooked through and nice and golden, I spread the last of the chipotle hummus all over the crust, then I spread over some garlic hummus. I then sprinkled the baked shallots over the hummus. Lastly, I put several kalamata olives on top… perfection…

This was much more flavorful than the pizza I bought previously, and it only took 20 minutes plus the amount of time to heat the oven. Not too shabby.

Until next time…


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