Yeow! This soup is spicy! My craving for curry (prompted by my Indian meal on International Day of Non-violence) and the cooler temperatures encouraged me to look for a soup that had curry in it…

I came across a likely candidate in the cookbook, A Beautiful Bowl of Soup called, Curried Granny Smith Apple and Yam Soup (p.42). The combination of curry, apples, and yams intrigued me so much that I had to try it. I followed the recipe except I subbed aji-mirin and water for dry white wine. Also, I did not make the glazed pecans.

And I may have used rounded to heaping measuring spoonfuls of curry powder rather than level spoonfuls, which I need to remind myself that this stuff is HOT and I need to be a bit more careful!

The soup should have taken only about a half hour… either I completely zone out while chopping veggies, or I am a slow cutter, because it took me that long just to get the part where you let it simmer for 25 minutes. And then 25 minutes was not long enough to cook the yams through. I’d say that it really took me about an hour and a half… with the caveat that I also did a load of laundry and took the dog for a short walk while cooking the soup. So maybe it would take only a half hour if you devoted your time to only the soup. 😉

I knew once I tasted the broth that I’d put a bit too much curry powder in it. So I made some brown rice to accompany the soup to help cool it down. Today’s leftovers were a tad more spicy than last night… so I’m thinking it will be even hotter for tomorrow’s lunch. I’ll probably run out and get some coconut milk plain yogurt and add a dollop of that to the soup to help cool it down. 🙂

I’m a bonafide wimp when it comes to spicy foods. My taste-tester, on the other hand, loves it spicy. We both enjoyed this soup and it’s fun combination. We were both grinning and feeling our sinuses clearing. 🙂

I will make this soup again, next time, I’ll chill out on the curry powder though. 😉

Lately, I’ve been ‘unplugged’, as it were. I’ve been enjoying our ‘31 days of Halloween’ movies (see panel to the right) and reading more novels (currently reading – see panel on right), so I haven’t really been on the computer much. I have taken a few pictures that I wanted to share, though…

I thought this was a pretty flower, don’t know what it’s called…

And my avocado plants are doing really well. 😀 These sets are three days apart…

Specimen A:

Specimen B:

And a few artsy photos of little-bit and the avocado plants…

So sleepy…

Until next time…


4 thoughts on “Spicy…

  1. I love spice but just can’t stomach curry b/c of the smell but that soup sounds delish. I need to look into that cookbook with winter right around the corner and all. There’s nothing I love more than whipping up batches of soup, enjoying and freezing for later.

    That is a gorgeous flower, I love the simplicity of it (I am so not a flower person so I just know the basic ones) and Lil Bit looks so peaceful!

    • simplyshaka – I wonder if possibly there is just one or two spices/herbs that you don’t like in curry that you could just leave out… the curry powder I’ve been using recently has these spices/herbs: turmeric, cumin, black pepper, ginger, coriander, fenugreek, garlic, celery seed, cloves, cayenne pepper, caraway seed, white pepper, mace.

      The two items that I don’t use normally would be fenugreek and mace. I wonder if those might be the ones that cause you to not like curry.

  2. Have you heard of an apple called Arkansas Black. We bought a 1/2 peck at the Ellijay Apple Festival on Saturday. They cook up great!

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