Oktoberfest… Part 5 (the conclusion)…

Whew… 5 parts! Bear with me just a bit longer… this will conclude our Oktoberfest Feast. πŸ™‚

Where were we?






Ahhh, yes… Friday (sweet and sour tempeh, veggie goulash, sauerkraut, mashed potatoes w/ jaeger sauce, homemade bread, and pfeffernusse cookies)…

Friday, I made Vegan Veggie Goulash. I had few modifications; one was to add another bell pepper (red), and the other was to cook it longer to get a deep tomato flavor.

I also ‘fixed’ the Jaeger sauce from the day before… by making more of the liquid (red cooking wine, water, thyme, bayleaf) adding it to the leftover jaeger sauce and simmering to reduce the liquid to half. Meanwhile, I made a rue (olive oil, flour) and then slowly added vegetable broth, then let this get a bit thicker. I combined the veg broth with the jaeger sauce and called it delicious…

Saturday, I made another batch of mashed potatoes. We very nearly ate all the leftovers, leaving only some mashed potatoes and goulash for Sunday.

Saturday’s dinner (red cabbage, goulash, mashed potatoes w/ jaeger sauce, homemade bread)…

Saturday, I also did something fun that I will post about soon. πŸ˜‰

The homemade bread finally came out ‘perfect’ on the last loaf from the pumpernickel dough… it took me just a little bit to get back into the hang of it… this loaf was awesome…

Speaking of bread… it was awesome slathered with some mustard love… mmmmm…

Throughout the week, I was feeling a little green-less with the dinners… several of our lunches looked a lot like this…

I have one more ‘German’ dish I’m thinking about making… German Apple Cake… which happens to segue quite nicely into next week’s theme… πŸ™‚

I asked my taste-tester what he was ‘missing’, as I was feeling a need for more greens and fruit… his response? Breakfast!

I can work with that… waffles, pancakes, oats, cream of wheat, french toast, homemade syrups, orange juice… oh yeah, this week is going to be tasty!

And to satisfy my greens and fruit cravings… I have a salad in mind that is inspired by a salad we had several autumns ago at an Au Bon Pain. πŸ™‚

Until next time…


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