Oktoberfest… Part Two…

I mentioned in my last post that I am attempting to bring back some memories of Germany for my taste-tester…

Monday’s dinner (veggie burgers w/ spicy brown mustard & sauerkraut, red cabbage, green beans, and homemade buns)… very good…

Tuesday’s dinner (fried potatoes w/ onions and garlic, sweet and sour red cabbage with apples and tempeh, sauerkraut, green beans, and homemade bread)… wow, awesome!…

Tonight’s dinner will be leftovers plus one or two new dishes…

I had some fun with Tuesday’s dinner… I took a recipe from Vegetarian Times and bended it to my will, aka used what I had on hand to make it work. While preparing that dish, I was also frying up potatoes, something I seem to have to relearn each year. Luckily, everything turned out great… better than expected actually. 😀

Here’s what I did…

For the fried potatoes, I took three yukon gold potatoes, washed them up, poked them with a fork and stuck them in the microwave on a napkin for 10 minutes. Meanwhile, I sauteed a yellow onion and two cloves of garlic in olive oil with dashes of salt and pepper. Then I removed the onions/garlic and set aside. I added more olive oil and placed the potatoes that I had sliced into 1/4in slices laying as flat on the pan as possible. Once the potatoes were slightly golden, I turned them over, added the onion/garlic on top and put a lid over it. I let them simmer/fry for a while… sorry I was busy with the other dish, so not sure of the time. I was almost too late turning them over, some pieces had burned… I picked those out, and turned the potatoes again… keeping a better eye on them this time, replacing the lid. Once the potatoes were as golden as I wanted, I turned off the flame and kept them covered.

This method has worked the best for me so far. In the past, I used raw potatoes and the outside would get burnt long before the middle was cooked. I liked that the microwave cut my time down quite considerably and my potatoes were actually done in the middle. I also used to use 1/2 oil 1/2 margarine… but I’d always have a strange feeling on my tongue while eating those potatoes… this time I forwent the margarine and I liked the potatoes much better. All recipes can and do get tweaked in my house… this one is no different. I will continue to hone this recipe… but this is definitely a step in the right direction… both my taste-tester and I wanted seconds. 😀

For the sweet and sour red cabbage with apples and tempeh, I started out with the recipe in the link. I modified it ever so slightly. I used granny smith apples instead of gala, rome, or idared. I used pecans instead of chestnuts. And the biggie, and a huge time saver, I used my jar of red cabbage (about half a jar) instead of the cabbage, cider, and vinegar. It turned out great! I think I would use more of the jarred red cabbage… just because we both really like the red cabbage and felt that it was a little tempeh heavy… but the combination of flavors was outstanding… and the pecans were a great accompaniment, changing the flavor ever so slightly and making it even better! We like this one… it’s a keeper. 😀

For the homemade bread, I used the pumpernickel recipe that I always use, omitting the cocoa and coffee. But this time I didn’t have caramel coloring and I couldn’t find caraway seeds… so even though the bread was yummy, it wasn’t pumpernickel, per say. It doesn’t have that bite or strength that I was going for… it is currently just good wheat bread. Hey, now I know. Apparently that caramel coloring is important, as are the caraway seeds. 🙂 I attempted to make a marble loaf using some of my wheat bread dough… since the pumpernickel isn’t dark, it didn’t have the effect I was going for. Oh well, it still tasted good.

BTW, this bread is amazing with margarine and maple syrup! 😀

I found caraway seeds today, yea! Still on a quest for caramel coloring, though. Previously, I bought it online from King Arthur Flour… I may have to do that again.

I have new pictures of my avocado seedlings plants! (aka Audrey 2) 😀

Specimen A is thriving! Specimen B is a bit smaller, but remember it is about a week younger. 😉

Specimen A:

Specimen B:

I’m off to play with more food in the quest to bring German flavors into my home!

Until next time…


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