Friday Night Bites…

Last Friday I mentioned to my taste-tester that I was getting a bit tired of eating out and that perhaps we should do the Friday Night Bites monthly. He suggested I use the Friday to make something I wouldn’t normally make, use that day as experimental day, and to use the money I would have spent on eating out as my budget for the experiment. Neat idea…

For today’s Friday Night Bites, Nikita’s Cafe (aka. me in my kitchen) presents….

Strawberry Cheesecake (Vegan, Raw)…

It’s for dessert, and it is currently setting up in the refrigerator. I will write more tomorrow about how it turned out and how I made it… but for now, I’m going to go have a Nikita’s Cafe favorite… minestrone. And while we eat, we’ll pop in a movie too!

Hope you had a great Friday!

Until next time…


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