Wicked Fresh!…

One day my taste-tester came home after an excursion to CVS in search of travel-sized items for a trip he was about to take and mentioned that Tom’s of Maine had a mouthwash flavor called Wicked Fresh. We were intrigued. About a month passed and we kinda forgot about it.

Yesterday I needed some things from CVS and happened to remember the mouthwash. So I picked some up…

We giggled and put it away for later. Last night as I was getting ready for bed, I took out the mouthwash… I was a bit nervous. We made faces at each other, was this going to be brutal? We’ve used Listerine before, and some flavors are intense, to say the least. And the Tom’s of Maine peppermint mouthwash was not very good… it had a strange aftertaste. We liked the lemon one, but they no longer make it. What was this one going to be like? Ready? Go!

Swish, swish, swish…

At first it was a bit like spearmint (my fav mint flavor) and then once spit out, it kinda reminded me of wintergreen. Overall, it felt like I had just had a mint lifesaver… in other words, good flavor. I liked it. My mouth felt fresh and minty, and it wasn’t brutal like Listerine. Just like the package says, Wicked Fresh… without the burn. It’s a keeper.

The other two items in the picture above are new-to-me cruelty-free products I have tried since moving to San Diego. As with a lot of things around here, I am having trouble finding my exact brands right away… so in some cases I have to try something new.

The face lotion I was using, and loved (Aloe 80), I have not been able to find, so I decided to try out Aubrey Organics. It is a bit different than my previous lotion, so it took a bit of time to get use to the amount that worked best for me, but like I’ve said before usually less is more. I’ve only been using it for a few weeks so the smell of coconut is just now starting to seem normal to me. That’s not anything against the product, I have a keen sense of smell and it just isn’t my usual morning routine smell, that’s all. As for moisturizing, it works just great. I will keep using it, but I have to say, if I see my Aloe 80, I’ll probably go back to it, just my preference.

And the styling lotion… this one is definitely less is more… I picked this up because after my ‘sassy’ haircut, my hair now requires much more product and preparation time. My hair is just a tad bit wavy, and this cut makes it a bit frizzy… so I’ve been using this on my ends and then curling my hair with a curling iron. It’s been working out great. But like I said, a little goes a long way, the first time I used this I put it all over my hair like I do with the anti-frizz serum and my hair was crunchy… like 80’s crunchy… think of this product as liquid hairspray… I favor flexible-hold hairspray so this is pretty intense to me. But I like it just on the ends, it holds the curl and keeps the style nicely.

Oh, speaking of the sassy haircut… I think I’m going to cancel our appointment with that stylist… it’s not even 4 weeks later and my taste-tester is in serious need of a haircut… and sadly the way his ‘new do’ is growing out he looks a bit like Dudley Moore. 😦 He’s not happy. We found a place online that we might try out… it’s a bit edgier but might be better than a ‘normal’ salon… he’s so unhappy with the current cut that he’s willing to try out just about anything. 😐 The yelp reviews on this new place were really good, so fingers crossed… hopefully they can fix our hair.

While I’m talking about cruelty-free products, I thought I’d update the products that I’m still using and loving… in some cases we went back to the conventional product, hoping to find a cruelty-free one at another time that would fit our needs.

GAAA! After spending the better part of my morning playing with tables and getting the images from each of the websites the post started to look like an ad… *ick*…. not what I was going for…

So I went around the house and took pictures of the cruelty-free products I’m using…. I think this feels much more real…

Cleaning Products

beauty products

    Jasonsatin shower body wash

    Lily of the Desert – Aloe 80 Organics – aloe vera facial wash

    Alba – cocoa butter dry-repair conditioner… I also like the shampoo that goes with this… at this time we are using a conventional 2-in-1 shampoo/conditioner and then I condition again. I have not been able to find a cruelty-free 2-in-1. The 2-in-1 is my taste-tester’s preference and after being on the road, I have just gotten use to using his shampoo and my conditioner.

    Kiss My Faceshaving lotion

hair color

Products I still need to find cruelty-free are: deodorant, nail polish remover, 2-in-1 shampoo/conditioner, and a grout cleaner – I currently have a bleach pen for the kitchen… I’m not thrilled about this, since I’m not a fan of bleach… but with a white kitchen and a tile counter top I’ve yet to find a cleaner that can clean that grout.

I think 4 products conventional is not too bad really. You know, sometimes when you inform people that you are vegan or that you use cruelty-free products, when they find out that there are still conventional products you use it feels like they are looking at you like you’re not vegan enough… I’m done feeling judged. I’m doing the best I can. These products work for me, and others unfortunately haven’t… it’s a journey…

Wow… this post took forever! AGGGGH! I have so much to do today! I hope this was helpful! πŸ™‚ I think I’m gonna cut and paste some of this onto my cruelty-free page… might as well put all that work to good use! πŸ˜‰

Until next time…


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