I’m the Queen of Random…

I have a few pictures/ topics that I wanted to blog about that don’t really go together that well, so I decided that a 20 questions type approach would be a great way to tie them all together. Of course, then I realized that I didn’t have 20 things to talk about…

1. Did you know that you can sprout an avocado seed.
I was able to sprout an avocado seed some time back, about eight years ago, it grew into a little tree about 3 feet high. I was so proud. This was before my first digital camera, so if there were photos of this tree, I’m not sure where they are. Unfortunately, I left it outside during the winter and it died. I have been unsuccessful at sprouting an avocado seed ever since… until now.

The only thing in common with the seeds that successfully sprouted, to my limited knowledge, have simply been the type of avocado. I have not been successful sprouting a Haas avocado (dark greenish-brown, bumpy, common), but very successful with the California avocado (larger, lighter green, and smooth). I don’t know if that has anything to do with it, it’s just been my experience that the Haas seeds don’t sprout for me.

I have two seeds going at the moment. One was given as a half avocado wrapped in lime juice lined saran to my taste-tester for his lunch. He lovingly brought back the seed rinsed. I put the seed in a bit of water (specimen A). The other was an avocado that I left on the counter too long and the fruit was no longer green but mostly brown, the seed seemed to have started sprouting on it’s own, the seed was cracked and there was a tiny nub on the bottom. So I rinsed it off, as well, and placed it in water (specimen B).

The one that came from the avocado that we actually ate is doing much better, granted it was place in water a few days before the other one.

Specimen A…

Specimen B…

I took more recent pictures and now they seem to be really getting some character. The one that was doing best (specimen A) has little nubs along the root which has also grown a bit longer, where as the one that was over-ripened on the counter (specimen B) now has two roots. Very neat.

Specimen A…

Specimen B…

I have no idea what I’m going to do next with the sprouting seeds. I guess at some point I need to go and purchase some pots and potting soil, but right now they are just sitting in water, that I change out every few days, on my kitchen counter. They don’t get any direct sun either, which is really wild that they are growing as well as they are.

2. It’s been a long time since I’ve done a product review.
The other day, I was needing some more soy milk, the store I was at was one that does not carry my brand/flavor (Silk, DHA Omega-3 & Calcium) so I opted for another brand (Earth Balance, Original). You may recall that I use their natural buttery spread (soy garden) all the time, so I decided to try out their soy milk too. The verdict? A little strong on the soy taste… but it’ll work in a pinch. I tried it out with Life cereal and fresh strawberries, and at first it was a bit strong, soy wise, but after a few minutes the flavors started to meld and it was a great breakfast. But given the choice, I would still pick Silk.

3. I don’t drink a green smoothie everyday, but I do still enjoy them on occasion. And I probably should have them more often.
I created this concoction the other day, it was really good. I used the vitamix. It’s 1 apple, cored; 1/2 a mango, some water, and a few leaves of kale w/o the stem.

First, I blended the fruit and water making sure that it was well blended…

Then I added the kale and blended again…

Then I put it in a container and popped it in the freezer…

And accidentally forgot about it. oops. So I put the frozen solid container in the fridge to thaw overnight. I had half of it for breakfast the next morning, and the rest with my lunch. It’s really good slightly frozen.

4. I do love good leftovers.
I made a wrap with the last of the black refried beans, some wild rice, the last of the inspired pineapple-corn salad, and some salsa…

Instead of having the inspired pineapple-coconut ice cream w/ chocolate sauce from before, I decided to have a bowl of ice cream almond-joy-style (coconut ice cream, chocolate sauce, and almonds), it was really good…

5. Beans for 4 days straight is a bit much, spaghetti to the rescue.
Spinach salad w/ dried cranberries, pistachios, dried mango slices and balsamic vinaigrette…

Spaghetti w/ green olives…

Grilled pineapple w/ chocolate sauce…

Yes, those were the same two plates, licked clean between courses. 🙂

6. I haven’t been taking nearly as many pictures as I was, but I do have some to share.

7. I’m still learning new things on my camera, when I can fit in the time.
Earlier this morning I was reading my book on digital photography and the book that came with my camera and thought my practice shots of ‘depth of field’ looked neat…

8. Little-bit is getting a bit better with his separation anxiety.
I had my 4th session with the trainer this week. We are ratcheting up the tweaking of the puppy a notch.

I have quite a few puzzles for the pup to figure out. For each of his meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner), Little-bit gets a toy filled with his food and sometimes a treat. Each toy is a bit different, some he has to roll, some he has to drop, some he has to nudge… but each meal I give him a different one to keep him on his toes… and to prevent him from getting bored. Just like with us, learning is fun and makes us happy. Also a new entry into the mix is to put the toy inside a shoebox that he has to figure out how to open… then to hide the shoebox and he has to find the shoebox via smell or a food trail. Tweak, tweak, tweak.

I do have to do his dishes often. Do the math, three toys a day = lots of dishes…

Yes, it’s totally worth it to have to vacuum more often. Obviously, the down side to feeding him this way is crumbs on the floor. But after two and half years of not being able to leave the house without tag-teaming my taste-tester, I don’t mind the extra bit of housework to be able to go to the store any time I want. Granted it is still under an hour, but it’s better than only 4 minutes!

9. I finally found a way to get back the drink deposit on bottles around here.
Greenopolis. There are these kiosks outside of a few stores (whole foods is where I found one) where you scan the bar code of the bottle and then you put it into the machine…

It calculates how much refund you get and prints out a receipt. You take that receipt into the store and you get your drink deposit back. Yea!

But not only that, greenopolis also prints out another receipt that has points on it. I went to greenopolis.com and entered in my points. What’s it all about? You ask… when you have 100 points (which is pretty easy to achieve) you can then redeem the points for coupons for places around town, like restaurants, entertainment, travel, etc. You put in your zip code and it shows you places around town that you can use your points toward. I thought it was a great additional learning tool to figure out what is around me for things to do. 🙂

And it’s not just for California, my blogger friend in North Carolina can use this too!

I’ve only been taking the items that actually have refunds, because my apartment complex has a recycle program. But if I wanted to rack up my points with greenopolis, I could take my plastic #1 & #2, aluminum, and/or glass to the kiosk. 🙂

10. bean-y soup
I still need to make this… but for some reason this weekend I’ve just wanted to take it easy and just snack. Maybe I’ll make it tomorrow.

Until next time…


6 thoughts on “I’m the Queen of Random…

  1. Random thoughts make me happy.

    I didn’t know that about the avocado, your strawberry cereal bowl looks gorgeous, that sunset pic is gorgeous and leftovers are the best.

    I need to drink more green monsters but I feel like I always forget about the baby spinach when I have it on hand but want it when I don’t. I guess thats how the cookie crumbles.

    Little bit is looking handsome as always and the recycling—I am so going to check that out–thanks for thinking of me 🙂

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