Friday Night Bites…

I had a bit of trouble coming up with a title for today’s post, because I wanted to make it a ‘thing’ that I do hopefully weekly, so I wanted it to be catchy. I was thinking, “wouldn’t it be great if there was a rhyme generator”… as it turns out there are several. I tried out two of them (1, 2), but I liked this one best. 🙂 Here’s the list of ideas I had:

    friday night let’s try it, right?
    friday night’s alright
    friday night delight
    friday night bites
    friday night, out of sight
    friday night cook’s delight

None of them really ‘sang’ to me, but I narrowed it down to these two:

    friday night delight
    friday night bites

What do you think? Have any catchy words that rhyme with “friday night”?

I guess I should tell you what it’s all about, so that you can make an informed suggestion, huh?

Have you ever noticed how just after you’ve gone to the grocery store and stocked up your kitchen that you have a craving for something you don’t have? Well that happened to me this morning. See after four days of beans (Homestyle Refried Beans, Pineapple Inspirations), I decided to make spaghetti last night to give us a reprieve… I still have beans, btw, and I intend to make a soup out of Viva Vegan… so my kitchen was stocked with spaghetti stuff and bean-y soup stuff… so what did I crave? Neither. I craved stir-fry. Ha!

Thinking about it, I decided I didn’t want to run out and get a bunch of stuff to make stirfry but instead why not try out a new restaurant? Then I’d be able to curb my craving fix, meanwhile not loading up my kitchen with more stuff that I had to eat within a limited time frame (ie. produce has a shelf life). The more I thought about it, the more I began thinking about how Friday would be a great day to try out all the new-to-me restaurants around here, we have more time on a Friday since we don’t have to worry about getting up early the next day, and we are tired from the week and cooking sometimes seems like too much work… so yeah, I should start going to a restaurant about once a week, Friday, and then we could have a ‘date’ if you will. Since we aren’t able to leave for more than an hour due to Little-bit’s anxiety and can’t go on a proper date, why not bring the date home?

So… after the long-winded explanation… I was trying to come up with something catchy for Friday nights getting take out… so far, I’m thinking ‘Friday Night Bites’.

So, craving stirfry…. I think I will try out a place called Pick Up Stix… I’ve seen several around town… which could be a good thing, or a bad thing… I mean, there are assloads of Micky Ds but I won’t be going there… but then again, there are chain restaurants that I do enjoy and am glad that I can find them nearly everywhere, like Chipotle, Subway, etc.

According to the menu at Pick Up Stix, I can substitute tofu in any entree. Not real sure if it’s vegan (do you use an egg to make the wrapper for an eggroll?) or if they use hidden ingredients like fish sauce… but I’m not going to stress about it and give them a try. My tummy will tell me if they will be getting a repeat visit. As I mentioned in this post, sometimes it’s just cooking with too much oil that makes me not return to a restaurant. But the only way to know is to give it a try. Another reason to make it a Friday, so that I can recover over the weekend if it turns out to be a bad choice. So not to Xander myself, I’m going to stop thinking negatively, and just give it a try already! 🙂

Wish me luck!

Until next time…


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