Friday Night Bites – Recap…

Ok… so I went to Pick Up Stix and we really enjoyed it. 🙂

But before I tell you about it, I’m gonna veer off in a slightly different direction for a minute…

Going along the same lines of trying something new today… earlier I also tried out Chuao Chocolatier… can I just say, WOW! I am a big fan of chocolate and this place has some really interesting combinations. I was very interested in the Spicy Maya mostly because I love the movie Chocolat and have always been curious about a Mayan Hot Chocolate… guess what, they have it! Unfortunately it wasn’t vegan, so I went for the Spicy Maya Mocha (aka coffee and chocolate)… oh yeah…. it was nicely spicy (read: hot) but the chocolate cooled you down immediately so you had the spicy burn in the back of your throat without the on-fire tongue. I surprised my taste-tester at work by bringing him one too. 🙂 He really enjoyed it! I forgot to ask for it to be decaf, so we were a bit buzzy today.

While I was in there, I asked about dairy-free selections and they showed me five truffles/bonbons… (photos from their website)…

They also sell chocolate bars! I went online and searched for vegan and there was a nice selection. 🙂 I didn’t buy any bars or truffles, this time, because I wanted to try it out first… so I ordered the Spicy Maya Mocha w/ soy milk. But I enjoyed the mocha so much that I think I will have to go back and grab a bar or truffle or two. 😉

As for dinner…

Pick Up Stix… I ordered a few things to try to get an overall feel of the place, plus I like to order a bit more when I’m trying a new place, just in case we don’t like something we won’t go hungry. I ordered a Wok Combo (Garlic Chicken Tofu, w/ Veggie Eggroll, and Plain Chow Mein) and Buddha’s Feast (light sauce, w/ steamed brown rice).

It was really good. For the Buddha’s Feast I ordered the light sauce since the Garlic Tofu had dark sauce to try them both out… we really liked the dark sauce. The light sauce really didn’t have much flavor, so we ended up putting the extra sauce from the Wok Combo on the Buddha’s Feast. 🙂 The sauce for the eggroll was awesome, a sweet and sour type sauce. Of course, by the end of the meal, including the fortune cookie, I felt a bit sugared out.



luckily none of the fortune cookies said this… 😉

Heehee, just having a little fun with a photo editor (GIMP). I thought it would be funny to do a vegetarian version of this haunting fortune. 😀

I, for some reason, didn’t think to serve tea with this, which would have been lovely, so after dinner I made us some tea, we were both craving it. 🙂

My tea is gone now and I’m beat… I’m gonna head off to bed…

Until next time…


6 thoughts on “Friday Night Bites – Recap…

  1. Definitely get the Chuao reward card! We initially thought we wouldn’t go there much and then after our 5th or 6th time we decided we would be visiting a lot. 🙂

    Love the creative fortune cookies!

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