Here, is not a bad place to be…

In my last post, I asked, “What am I doing and where am I going?”… My answer, I don’t know… but I’m thinking here, is not a bad place to be…

I had a talk with my husband (aka. my taste-tester) and I was conveying what I’d blogged about and how I was having kind of a hard day. One filled with memories, how I’m always quitting things, and not feeling like I’m good at anything…

He replied with, that’s not true, you’re a great mom! You’re good at a lot of stuff, and I’m a quitter, too.

Yeah, but you’ve known what you’ve wanted to do since you were ten.

More like I’ve only been good at one thing since I was ten, I have no other options. I’m just hoping no one notices that I’m a stooge.

This is why I love this man… he always makes me feel better. 😀

Our conversation went on for some time, with him assuring me that no one really thinks they are good enough and are hoping no one notices that they don’t know everything…

You mean, you guys have been faking it?! 😛 I’ve been standing in the wings feeling like I don’t know enough to make a jump into something new, while the rest of you just jump in and hope you’re good enough?



Ok, I feel loads better. Now, what do I want to jump into?…

Until next time…


One thought on “Here, is not a bad place to be…

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