On Saturday, my taste-tester and I got our hair cut. It is just one of those things you don’t think of when you are deciding to move… where am I going to get my hair cut?… until, of course, you get to your destination and your hair is looking a bit shaggy. We actually thought about it a few days just before leaving… we had one last appointment just before we left (June 16th).

My taste-tester’s hair grows really fast and he is usually in need of a trim within 5 weeks… sometimes he can go 6, but any longer and he starts to look like Dagwood, nope not him… uh… I started googling to try and find a pic of the cartoon character I’m thinking of… and I’ve met my match… I don’t know how to google it. And I can’t think of the character’s name for the life of me (or the name of the cartoon strip). The character I’m thinking of is a husband, he’s blond, and has hair sticking up… he is usually laying on the couch and his wife is svelte and blond (I think). Maybe I’ll think of it before I hit publish…

ANYWAY… if we wait longer than 6 weeks, his hair is funny when he wakes up, sticking up everywhere and looking like a dandelion. So we try to get him trimmed every 5 weeks. Have you calculated it? June 16th to Aug 14th… much longer than 5 weeks, wouldn’t you say? My hair, on the other hand, is pretty simple… pretty much one length with bangs. But not bangs on my forehead, I’m not fond of that look, since my hair is colored… if my hair is right on my eyebrows it is obvious… and I really don’t wanna look like Madonna (circa “Who’s that girl”) if you know what I mean.

So I popped into a chain hair place, that I’ve been going to for years, and made an appointment… it’s usually a safe bet. There was a time in my life when I was fearless when it came to getting my hair cut… then about 9 years ago, I got a bad cut, from a mall chain that I’ll never go back to, and it changed my perspective. It was such a bad cut that I didn’t get my hair cut for 6 months trying to undo the damage… and too afraid to have another person touch it and ruin it further. I finally went to where my taste-tester was getting his done, that’s when I decided that this chain was a good one to start with.

So on Saturday we both went (and left Little-bit at home), my taste-tester went first… our stylist is a bit… uh… sassy, but in a good way. I wandered around the store occasionally checking in on my taste-tester. He seemed to be having a good conversation and I could hear him laughing often. Then it was my turn. Apparently, my taste-tester had told the stylist about my adventures with Manic Panic… I want to be ‘out there’ but I tend to look conservative, it feels safer… but my taste-tester knew I was planing on playing it safe… which is the problem I had in DC… when I was ready to get ‘wilder’ my hair stylist continued to give me a conservative look… it was ok, but I wanted something more. I had mentioned this to my taste-tester just prior to us leaving… that I wanted to be adventurous but I also wanted to start out conservative. I’m complicated.

Anyway… my taste-tester had told this guy, our stylist, about my coloring adventures… so, our stylist wanted to know what I wanted… I said, “I don’t really know”… my taste-tester said, “yes she does, she just doesn’t want to tell you” and then he left to go take care of Little-bit. Uh… heh. Ok, “I want to grow my hair out, I want it to go up in a ponytail in the back and not fall out. I want an overall trim and I don’t like my bangs on my forehead, I hate that.” I also explained how I want to color my the ends purple with Manic Panic but I’m not sure how to go about the look I want without it looking bad. So he says, “well the current style is kind of blah” and he takes his hands in a ‘blah’ gesture around my face to emphasize the blah. “it doesn’t suit your face”. Then he went on to explain what he’d like to do… Ok, sure, I’m game.

I’m still on the fence about the style. Overall, I feel that there is definitely potential. I like the way he cuts and that’s important to me. As for style… I don’t think I’ve ever liked the way a stylist styles my hair. I let them blow-dry and style because then they can see how my hair reacts to what they’ve done and they can put the finishing cuts if needed, whereas, if I left with it wet, they’ll never know and there might be odd pieces that needed to be cut. So I let him style it, I’m not really sure where he was going with it, and since he didn’t put any hair product on it, it had fallen before I’d even left the store. 😦 I don’t understand the no hair product part. I think somehow in our conversations (both with me and my taste-tester) he concluded that vegetarian=granola (granola… his words) and I guess that means no hair product? Um, ok. So when I got home, I fixed my bangs… ugh… no one understands my bangs. The rest of my hair is, I guess you’d call it, layered?

I was thinking about it on the stairs this morning waiting for Little-bit (he takes awhile to ascend and descend)… I think I got the Jennifer Aniston cut. Haha! Only with bangs. I’m mostly amused by the cut. As I try to figure out how I can style it with my hair’s quirks, I find little odd things. Like the left side has some hair that was cut just below my ear, but the same hair on the right side goes just beyond my chin… so, symmetrical it is not. But it somehow works, until I put it up that is… then the quirks become obvious. But whatever… I’m going with the sassy. It’s different and that’s what I wanted deep down… I was tired of the old look… and this isn’t too extreme.

Now how am I going to make it sassier with color? I ordered some more Manic Panic (I had to chuck mine on the move, because of the broken down car, we had to chuck a lot of things that could be replaced to make sure that we could fit in one car if we needed to… ie, if we broke down again in a more rural place. I had it with me because I did not store any chemicals in the PODS.), it should be here by the end of the week. I bought bleach and ultra violet because I really liked the purple with the red. 🙂 Now that my hair is layered I’m coming up with newer ideas on what to color. I’m thinking I might go for a highlighted look, where there are little streaks of purple throughout the red… it’s still in the tinkering phase… but the awesome part is that I feel like I can spread my wings here, in San Diego, there doesn’t really seem to be a ‘look’ here and I like that. I like that a lot. 🙂

Until next time…


3 thoughts on “Sassy…

    • simplyshaka – I excited to try out the color ideas… now that I’ve dipped my toe in and seen that the bleached area will fade with each renewal of red color I feel a bit more confident to bleach more sections of hair… but I’m still a little timid, ya know? 🙂

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