Insecurities Revealed…

Thank you to everyone who commented on my last post

I have disabled my stats widget. I realized that much like my analogy to the scale it is a source of self-judgment. I had put up my scale months ago and I was so much happier not weighing myself daily. The scale was unboxed with the stuff from the move, and so on a whim I weighed myself, knowing full well that if the weight was the same or, heaven forbid, higher than the last time I’d looked that it would upset me. But I did it anyway. I got lucky that day… it revealed that I had lost 4 lbs… and of course, I felt beautiful and skinny that day. But what if? What if, it didn’t say I’d lost weight? I probably would have listened to the negative self-talk in my mind, which brings me to the stats of my blog. It very much sets my mood. Sadly. So I have banished it, just like that scale…

I’m going to write for the love of writing, cook for the love of cooking, eat for the love of eating. And most of all, share for the love of giving. Stats be damned. So I’m not popular, when was I ever popular? Just because I’m on the net doesn’t make me suddenly interesting. In fact, there are so many food blogs out there, it’s a wonder I am noticed at all.

As for the food diary, I’m not sure… it might evolve into something less self-judgmental and something a little more artsy. We’ll see. 😉

Thanks again everyone who commented, it brought tears to my eyes, your compassion is overwhelming. Thank you.

Until next time…


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