CA Cash Refund, Pup Training Session 3, and More Quinoa…

Wow, three posts in one day?! You’d think I was in front of the computer all day… but no, I’ve been super busy for the past few days… haven’t really had much computer time.

Anyway… I hope you enjoyed the little photo extravaganza (afternoon walks and sunsets, birds in flight) I’ve been having around here! 🙂

Did you see my little ‘mini food diary’ at the end of these posts (tues, wed)? It’s interesting to me, one because it gives me more reasons to play with my new camera… but also because I didn’t realize until I posted yesterday’s eats that I didn’t eat much but sure did have quite a bit of liquid… guess I was thirsty… I made up for it later with that gi-huge-ous taco salad though. I don’t know, it’s fun, for now… I’ll do it until it’s no longer fun. 😉 But I’ll keep it low key at the end of the posts, just in case you’re not really interested. 🙂

Ok, I’ve got a lot to cover here… better get started…

First, I have a question for those of you in SoCal, or even those of you living in states with drink deposits. Where do you return empty bottles? I remember when I was a kid seeing my grandma take her empty bottles to the grocery store. My taste-tester has similar memories of his youth… but as adults, neither of us has lived in a state that does drink deposits. So now, here I am in a state that does and have a growing collection of empty bottles. Um, for the record, we don’t usually even drink soda… I think Virgil’s has put a spell on us! 🙂 Anyway, I looked up California cash refund and found out that there are places scattered about the area… I went to check one out, it said it was near a Ralph’s… didn’t see it. But then I mentioned it to someone at the dog park last week, and she was all, “Oh, it’s behind the store, my mom does that”. This woman looked my age, so I’m thinking to myself, and what do you do with your bottles? Not in a judgy way, mind you. Anyway, I drove back there yesterday, and it looked like just a couple of containers that would be attached to a mac truck kind of thing. One looked like it had crushed aluminum and the other plastic… (I didn’t get out of my car)… but I’m looking for glass… so any help, fellow SoCal residents or anyone who lives in a state with drink deposits, what do you do with your empty bottles?

Ok, glad I got that out there… maybe someone will give me a clue. 🙂

Wednesday, I went to my third session of dog training for Little-bit’s separation anxiety. I’m happy to report that he is improving, and he even did pretty good at the session. I’ve got 7 new items to work on with the pup for the next two weeks. It feels a bit better that I have two weeks this time. On Tuesday (the day before my appointment), it felt like I was cramming for finals because I didn’t get as much work done over the weekend since I was sick.

So yesterday after our session, I did what I do best, I made a spreadsheet… now I can see it staring me in the face what I have worked with him on and what needs improvement. It’s becoming a full time job! 😀 No, it’s great, he seems to be enjoying all the learning… he’s always been a really smart pup. So without boring you to tears with the details… I’ll just give you the summary… if he is aware of me leaving, then he doesn’t last as long without barking. But if we have been ‘working the homework’, and he is mentally tired and pretty much asleep, then I have been able to leave for 46 minutes without him even knowing! Of course, there is the ‘he is aware’ that I’ve got to work on, that’s still under 12 minutes… it’s a work in progress… but it sure beats 4 1/2 minutes! 🙂

Ok, the quinoa… then I’ve gotta crash, folks, I’ve been going full tilt all day…

I had leftover quinoa from the other night, and I thought I’d pair it with a curry stir-fry. Oh, yea, this was good! For the curry stir-fry, I made my ‘go to’ curry from Katie… this will be the fourth incarnation of this wonderful dish (one, two, three)… for the recipe, go here.

For the veggies, I used what I had on hand…

    sweet potato – cooked to almost done in the microwave
    baby bok choy
    green beans
    orange and yellow bell peppers
    green onions

For the sauce, I did something very similar to v.3.0, but honestly, I didn’t even measure this time, it was all by taste… go here for Katie’s original recipe.

Just showing that there is quinoa on the bottom…

Of course I added more of the stir-fry…

I’m about to show my age here, but when I was eating this I had the phrase, “soup you can eat with a fork” in my head… Do you remember those commercials?

My complete silliness aside, this was, as always, AWESOME! Thank you again, Katie, for the inspiration! 🙂

Until next time…

mini food diary:
(wed night)…



4 thoughts on “CA Cash Refund, Pup Training Session 3, and More Quinoa…

  1. I remember the same when I was younger but now when I try to find a place to turn bottles in, cannot find anywhere. I would love to get money back but I just recycle mine for now knowing that I am helping the earth for free!

    • simplyshaka – yea, in Virginia, I just recycled… but now, I’m thinking I’m ‘supposed’ to go turn these things in… it’s kind of a pain, really. I know that for some the refund is the only way they would recycle, but I’d rather just recycle but not be charged the deposit in the first place… what are ya gonna do?

      Anyway, thanks… I’ll keep looking… but in if it continues to be an issue, I’ll just recycle and ‘help the earth for free’ as well. 😉

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