Shopping Excursion…

When I awoke yesterday I was able to down grade my angry stomach from Evil Beast to Miffed (see chart below)… so that was something. 🙂

Angry Stomach Symptom Categories
Evil Beast – aka Balrog
Questionable – Could go either way
OK – On the mend
Happy and Healthy

I took it easy, starting out with some tea… but soon I was very hungry, having not eaten much for two days. I didn’t want to push it, so I made myself a smoothie… w/ soy milk… again, I was pleased that I did not need to add extra sweetener…

– 1 1/2 cups Silk, 1 pkt chocolate Amazing grass, 1 frozen banana, ~1/4 cup frozen cherries –

A few hours after that – having down graded my stomach symptoms to Questionable – I braved a Clif bar…

My taste-tester, being completely wiped out from his four-day trip, took the day to recover and catch up on work stuff from home. So when my stomach felt like it was finally at the OK – On the mend stage, I bravely went out into the world… and shopped.

I was gone 3 1/2 hours! Holy Crap! Folks, that’s what happens when you put your shopping off for two weeks… you spend forever at the shops picking up stuff. I was glad that it was a weekday, so at least it wasn’t overly busy… of course, having gone to a few other shops first, I didn’t get on the road towards the grocery store until 4:30 pm… yea… prime-time… I braced myself.

Being new to the area, I’m still a bit fuzzy on how to get from one place to another, so I was a bit anxious, trying to remember exactly which roads to take… I was going to the grocery store from a different starting point and I realized I wasn’t sure of my route… luckily, I kind of remembered some of the map in my head and realized that even though I had just gotten onto a highway, that was quickly becoming a moving parking lot, my exit was almost immediately after I got on… whew.

I know you are just dying to know what great eats I purchased at the grocery store, aren’t you! Before you look at the pictures and exclaim Holy….! Let me remind you that I am starting out fresh here… even though I had a full pantry that I had been creating for probably 18 years, I tossed it all (ok, I ate a lot of it pre-trip, gave away a bunch of stuff to charity, but everything else was tossed)… there were things in that pantry that I honestly didn’t remember buying… I was going through my spices (keeping in mind that spices loose their potency over time) and trying to figure out what the heck I used Lemon Pepper for… was it even open, I can’t remember now… anyway, I don’t remember buying it, or using it… and I seriously doubt it was a gift… I don’t typically receive spices as gifts… ‘so how old is this stuff’, was a recurring question as I packed my kitchen. After awhile, I realized that it would be best if I just started over… fresh… that way, the food in my new kitchen would be things that I actually eat now, since my diet (I prefer lifestyle… diet implies going back to the old way after a period of time) has changed so much over the last two decades. So instead of schlepping my old pantry across the country, I only brought the food we were eating on the road. So needless to say, it’ll take awhile before I can get back to my old way of shopping where I just need to pick up a few items and I can make a feast. Oh, and everything you are about to see is vegan. So, without judgment, I present my grocery shopping adventures…

My grocery list wasn’t much of a list, this time around I decided to actually take my time perusing the isles and picking up the things that inspired me… normally I stay pretty tight to my list. But there was a list, especially for the other stores… so I’m happy to report that after 3 1/2 hours of shopping I was able to get everything on my list, that was formulated over two weeks, except one item… a door mat. I don’t know why, but I kind of feel like a door mat, at least an external one, should reflect your personality a bit and even though I saw several, none of them spoke to me… so I’ll just have to keep looking. Otherwise, I think I did really well. It’s hard to find stuff in a new city… even if you go to the same chain of stores you normally go to… because it is a different city. The culture is different, the customers are different, so it stands to reason, the tastes are different… so the selection is different. I’m finding, or rather not finding, that some of my favorite brands of things are simply not available here, or at the very least not available at the chain of stores I’m used to getting them from… case in point, my ‘je ne sais quoi’ – better than bouillon vegetable base… but figuring out a new city and where to find things is part of the fun!
Ok, I’ve really got to wrap this up… you didn’t know I left did you? Well, I did… I took the pup out (twice), colored my hair, made a smoothie, and started the laundry… no, I really did. (If you are interested in the cruelty-free hair color I use, and a write-up of my review check out this post. If you’ve already read that post… and if you’re curious… I still love the product and the shade. I color my hair about every 6-8 weeks depending upon my mood. 😉 )

So where was I? Oh yea… shopping…

Since I was gone so long and I left later in the day, I went ahead and got dinner from the deli…

Now I know it might seem like I throw around this word all the time, but that sandwich was AMAZING! Oh, yea, I’ll be ordering that one again, if not trying to replicate it on my own. 😉

As for the other stores I went to and my loot… it is really stuff only I would care about like a broom, etc. But I did make an impulse buy… ok, two impulse buys… ok, three, but it wasn’t really an impulse so much as a choice for something cuter… I’ll just show you…

I’ve got a full plate today; chores, unpacking, dog tweaking, paying bills, *pictures to take*, backing-up photos… fun stuff. 😉 If you are curious about the state of the ‘angry stomach’ today, I’m keeping it at a steady OK – On the mend… it still feels a bit raw, but I definitely know it’s much much better… I realized that I could keep a food diary, if you will, by simply taking pictures of my food… because the photo itself has a date/time stamp. 🙂

Mini food diary…

Wow! Is it noon already? I’m going to get some lunch…

Until next time…


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