Birds of Paradise, Hummingbirds, Sunsets and more…

One of the first rules I learned from the book I’m reading, Digital Photography, is that you MUST take your camera with you everywhere. I have been a victim (not a great word) of forgetting my camera and missing getting great shots of things I wish I could have photographed. My excuses for not having my camera were lame and I knew it.

Since Saturday morning, when my new Canon EOS Rebel T2i arrived (wow, it really is a popular camera – amazon proper is sold out and the third party vendors are selling it for more $ than I paid for mine), I’ve had that camera practically strapped on to me. Ok, not really, but it is always near when I’m in the kitchen and it has been on me (around my neck) every time I go outside. This has led to some great finds.

First of all, and it might just be the newness of the camera talking here, but when you have this very professional looking camera hanging from your neck, you can’t help but have at least one hand on it and have your eyes darting everywhere looking for something to photograph. I’ve always liked to believe that I’ve kept my eye out for things we tend to take for granted, but within the last two days, I’ve seen so much more than before. And thanks to having the camera with me at all times, I’m able to share my experiences, and my odd point of view, with others. I like details, and I like odd angles… this camera has given me much more freedom to get the angle and the details that I sought to get previously with my point and shoot.

Enough of my blabbering and gushing…

Bird of paradise… I had never seen one in person, I’ve only ever seen them on TV… it really does look like a bird!…

It took four tries (read: pictures)… but I got a picture of a hummingbird!… I’m so happy! 😀

Other great things I’ve seen…

Pam, these are for you ;)…

A phenomenon that I have noticed over the years is that right around sunset all the birds take flight and head west… so I waited, because I knew they would come… it kinda reminds me of the bats in Austin. 🙂

Until next time…


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