Yesterday I requested that my taste-tester pick up some chocolate for me us on his way home from work. This is what he brought home…

Now there’s a man who knows how to party! 😀

I’ve been teaching him how to read labels and what I look for to maintain our vegan lifestyle. I’ve told him about the crazy sh!t manufacturers put into food like crushed beetles (cochineal, carmine, or carminic acid) so he gets a little anxious when I ask him to get stuff for me. I think he did really well. As far as I can tell, all vegan.

He really doesn’t like to shop, so I am so pleased and grateful that he goes to the store for me on occasion. I was blown away at just how much chocolate he got me, is it obvious I need like chocolate? I don’t like to shop either… well, for food I find it comforting and inspiring, but for other stuff like clothes, not so much. I think it’s because I’m always in-between sizes and it just gets frustrating and depressing. Do you like to shop?

I had my second puppy training session yesterday… it went, well… ok. I told the trainer that Little-bit will start barking after 4 1/2 minutes when he is aware that I’ve left, but if he’s asleep, I’ve been able to leave for a whopping 9 minutes. When he’s asleep, he doesn’t even know I’ve left actually. So the trainer thought we’d be able to leave Little-bit in the training area for about 5 minutes… but Little-bit had other plans. Within seconds of us attaching him to the tie-down and me just looking away and standing about 3 feet from him, he started up his little booping. When I left the area completely, he really started to pitch a fit. Uh, heh. 😳 It’s a strange sensation, your dog is being a giant brat and yet that’s why you’re getting training to begin with… so it’s embarrassment combined with “see, I’m not crazy”. Actually to be fair, Little-bit is not a brat, he is truly scared… when I returned to his sight, once he had calmed down enough to not encourage the behavior, he was doing his little unsure wag and was literally shaking. Poor baby. 😦 I just wanted to scoop him up. But it is not good for him to get so upset.

After a quick trip to Petsmart to get some more training goodies, Little-bit looked like this… he wore himself out those 5 minutes or so freaking out…

I’ve got a serious amount of work to do this week (besides getting those boxes unpacked)… the goals set before me for my next appointment are:

  1. Leave the house for 10-15 minutes, waiting for him to not be barking before I can return (that’ll be tricky… I have to wait for that split second that he takes a breath)
  2. Keep him on the tie-down for 20-30 minutes (with something soothing to chew on) while I’m home but not in the room (this one will also take some time to accomplish… but doable, I think)
  3. Give him more tracking games where the food trail is a foot apart leading to a kong filled with food… he’ll love this one. 😉

May not sound like much, but if I can accomplish these goals, I think we will be well on our way to the road of sanity freedom a happy and healthy puppy. 🙂

Until next time…


5 thoughts on “Chocolate!…

  1. I am loving Lil Bit’s bed! I wish I could have one of those at work so I could just catch a nap for 10 or 15 minutes every now and then.

    I am also loving your man’s shopping sense! Newman-O’s are so addictive that I am not allowed to keep them in the house since I live alone and little Lincoln can’t have the chocolate but kudos to him for reading the labels. I absolutely love grocery shopping-especially around double or triple coupon time, I get giddy 🙂

    • simplyshaka – Little-bit’s bed, in case you need one for Lincoln, is called a Cooleroo… I found it at… but they don’t seem to carry it anymore…

      I researched and they have them at amazon… in different colors, too. 🙂 It is great b/c it only takes a screw driver to assemble and is very easy to break it down… it was a lifesaver on the trip… we set it up at every hotel, then Little-bit would hop up on it and settle down. 🙂

  2. just wanted to wish you a great night and hope you’re enjoying the ocean air…Brrr is more like it! at least, in the city, it’s chilly! ha!

    Scott was at Del Mar today (the track) with clients. You must go, racing season is onl y 6 weeks and already 1 week in. Go on a weekday if you can, just go to experience it all..even if you dont place one bet, it’s worth it to just go and see it…it’s so amazing and fun!!! and have a drink while you’re at it 🙂

    • Averie – umm… thanks for the advice… but with Little-bit’s separation anxiety – going out is a bit difficult, and uh, we don’t drink… and I’m not sure how I feel about horse racing… I think I’m against it. 😦 But not to be a total buzz-kill… getting out and experiencing things in this great big city is certainly something we are going to try to do… being dog-friendly would be a great help. I’m working with a dog trainer to help my pup with his separation anxiety… our goal is to get him to be ok by himself for 2 hours. Sounds nuts, I know… but this has been going on for nearly 2 1/2 years, so it’s a hard habit/reaction to break. 😕

      The weather, yeah, it’s been chilly… I met some people yesterday at the dog park, they told me this is typical FEBRUARY weather… ha! That’s so cool… given the 3-ft of snow I had this past winter, I’ll take 70s for February! 😀

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