After getting some much needed rest and an additional afternoon nap, I was able to create a dinner that I could be proud of…

*Sidenote: I am so envious of other bloggers I keep up with, who also just recently moved… where do you ladies get the energy? I am so incredibly tired! Was it the three time zones or just not sleeping on my own bed for nearly 5 weeks? Whatever the reason, I’m ready to have some energy again, what’s your secret? Honestly, I feel like I could spend a day just napping… if only I could.

Anyway, about that dinner… you may recall that my dinner adventures were interrupted by the temporary loss of my can-opener and then the substitution of take-out Greek food…

But yesterday, I was able to create a beautiful burrito


Homemade guacamole

Peppers and onions

The spread…

Bottom layer (guacamole, bean mixture, peppers & onion saute)…

Top layer (romaine lettuce, purple cabbage, black olives, tomatoes, and lime crema)

Served with Jalapeno chips (Food Should Taste Good) and more guacamole…

Speaking of Food Should Taste Good Chips… on the back of the bag they give serving suggestions to pair up with the chips… the Jalapeno ones suggested guacamole… and that was a great pairing…. I also tried the Olive ones and it suggested hummus… Sabra roasted garlic hummus… mmmmm…. a great pairing as well! 🙂

In my opinion, Sabra is the best hummus I’ve ever tried! By the way, it is because of other food bloggers that I have come across so many great food finds (Sabra, Food Should Taste Good, Mary’s GONE Crackers, it goes on and on)… thank you everyone for introducing me to such great food!

Until next time…


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