Greek Food to the Rescue…

So sorry I totally flaked out last night and did not blog again as I had intended. Yesterday was a weird one for me.

I should have known it was going to be weird when I noticed 5 bug bites on my legs just before getting in the shower. Something had a feast on me… there were two bites under one knee and two more further up my leg on the back of my thigh, and another bite under the other knee… what the??!! I was wearing my PJs which are pants, so even though my taste-tester accuses me of throwing off the sheets in the middle of the night, I still had pants on… so how did I still get bites? My taste-tester was unaffected… eek they must have been in my pants! Completely skeeved out, I proceeded to wash everything I could think of… my PJs, my sheets, the comforter (yes, it’s actually cool here at night… like in the 60s), you name it. Needless to say, it was about 7 loads of laundry… whew, I was tired from going up and down the stairs all day.

Oddly, the bites did not itch. I put Benadryl on the bites anyway hoping they would shrink in size. Btw, what’s with the Benadryl stick… it’s a pain in the arse, it doesn’t really dispense any product… I will go out looking for the cream soon. Anyway, when my taste-tester got home, I showed him my bites…

    taste-tester: “Waoh! Those are big!”
    nic: “They don’t itch though.”

Famous last words… in the middle of night, even though I was cold when I went to bed, I woke up hot and sweaty. I seriously wanted to throw off the sheets and blankets, or at the very least kick out a leg. But I took heed my taste-tester’s advice of keeping at least a sheet on. Now my bites started to itch. πŸ˜• I eventually opened the window (which is on my side of the bed), applied more Benadryl to my bites, and even got up to get a glass of water. I inspected my bites this morning, they are still big and a bit itchy… I think I spied a few more little ones… hopefully they were already there, eek.

If that wasn’t enough, I think my puppy training has tired out my brain as well…

As I said in yesterday’s post, in addition to going up and down the stairs, sans the puppy, to the laundry room (in my attached garage) I was also going up and down the stairs when I left via the front door to desensitize the puppy to my departures and arrivals. Around 4:30 I took Little-bit for a ‘long’ walk around the perimeter of the complex (~0.84 miles), it took about an hour. So by the time my taste-tester got home, I was pretty worn out.

That didn’t stop me from trying to make a delicious home cooked meal. The operative word being ‘try’. Have you had one of those days where you really shouldn’t be in the kitchen? Yesterday was that day for me. I was going to make burritos… I still haven’t located my frying pan so I was going to skip the onion & pepper saute this time and just microwave the bean mixture and have lots of toppings. I set about making Lime Crema, let me tell you that it IS possible to use too much cilantro. My concoction was a bit bitter, note to self: trim the stems and don’t be so zealous with the cilantro.

My taste-tester being the good sport that he is, tried my lime crema, which I called bitter, and said, “it tastes like cilantro”, *shrug*. Ok, I’ll keep prepping. After I located a big bowl in a box and washed it, I realized that I did not know where my can opener was. You know, my beloved can opener? I looked high and low, I opened every drawer, even the empty ones. Where is that thing? My taste-tester could tell I was starting to get upset. I love that can opener. I haven’t been able to find another one like it, sure they look the same, but they never work as well. Did I leave it at the hotel? I was sure I got everything packed up before we left the hotel. There are no other can openers in the house, “Want dinner out tonight?”, I asked. “Sure”, said the ever patient taste-tester. I was thoroughly bummed. I loved that can opener. My taste-tester took me in his arms and held me, I shed a tear. πŸ˜₯ I loved that can opener. (Crazy, the things you hold dear.)

I started to put the stuff away for the dinner that would not be, while my taste-tester went to put on street clothes. Everything was just about put up when I said, “Oh! I think I know where it might be!” High on a shelf that would require me to use a step-stool was the container full of plastic utensils. “I think I put it in there”, I said pointing way up high. My taste-tester is a foot taller than me, so he could easily reach said container. There it is! My beloved can-opener! Yea! πŸ˜†

My taste-tester could tell that I was exhausted from the day, so we decided to eat out anyway. But where? Before we moved our ‘going out’ usually consisted of Chipotle… and that’s about it. Most places upset my stomach, or there was no place to park, or it was too far away, etc. Chipotle, on the other hand, was easy, just up the street and well, to-go. But now that we’ve tried so many new restaurants along the road getting to San Diego, I think we are a bit more adventurous.

What’s around here that we can eat? We decided to try out Daphne’s Greek Cafe. I really enjoyed the falafels at Amsterdam Falafel so I was eager to try them again. I ordered (to-go), the Vegetarian Greek Salad w/ Falafel (feta cheese, kalamata olives, sliced roma tomatoes, cucumbers & red onions atop crisp mixed greens served with pita, tzatziki sauce, and choice of classic Greek or Greek lite dressing), the Vegetarian Plate (falafel, spanakopita, hummus & dolmas with choice of any two sides, served with pita & tzatziki sauce – I chose both sides to be fries πŸ˜‰ ) and Baklava

Although this is not vegan (it is vegetarian), Daphne’s did not disappoint. πŸ™‚ It was filling and delicious! I don’t think I’ve ever had baklava, Oh my! It was AWESOME! It was like a cinnamon roll only WAY WAY better! The chocolate goodness you see in the picture, was free. I was leaving the store when I realized the cashier didn’t give me my baklava… he apologized and as he was putting the baklava in the container he asked, “do you like chocolate?” “OH YEA”, so he gave me a chocolate too. πŸ˜€ The chocolate is called “caramel pecan”, as in turtle? I wondered, I LOVE turtles. This was not exactly a turtle though, it was caramel with bits of pecan shrouded in crispy phyllo then smothered in chocolate… MMMMMM. Yeah, dessert is required at this place. They were so flavorful that you didn’t need a big portion to have your sweet tooth satisfied. πŸ™‚

Oh, and how could I forget our beverage? You may recall that we are big fans of Virgil’s Root Beer… when I went to WF recently they were all sold out of Virgil’s rootbeer, but they did have Cream Soda… we also like the cream soda… so I picked it up. Yesterday, my taste-tester was sent to the store on his way home to pick up more Silk (b/c WF does not carry our flavor) and while there he looked for Virgil’s… they too were sold out of rootbeer, so he picked up new-to-us Black Cherry Cream Soda. The cream soda, was of course as tasty as we remember it… so smooth and creamy. The black cherry cream soda was really good too! Creamy and smooth with a nice cherry flavor… Virgil’s you never disappoint. πŸ™‚

So even though my day was a bit strange… I had a great dinner w/ dessert that totally made up for it. πŸ™‚

I have soooo much to do today, including more puppy training. I have another training appointment tomorrow, I feel so far behind. πŸ˜• Part four of the slide show will have to wait a few more days, I hope you don’t mind.

Hope you are having a great day and great meals…

Until next time…


2 thoughts on “Greek Food to the Rescue…

  1. Eek, hope your bites are getting better. I would do the same thing with my sheets and clothes though. With this heat, I am not even out that much but when I take doggie for a walk, I get eaten alive and it’s starting to get annoying.

    I agree 100% about the cilantro and will use your tip to trim the stems next time (I do that all the time with cilantro and parsley)

    Yay for finding a new Greek place to go, it looks (and sounds) fabulous!

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