Tweak the Puppy!…

This past weekend we were working on getting moved in (still working on it actually), so it was a bit difficult for me to leave the house for 3-5 minutes to desensitize the puppy while my taste-tester was working on his projects. So sadly, I was feeling a bit behind on my training schedule.

Today, I’ve been making up for lost time by doing laundry – which requires me to go downstairs (without the puppy) every 30 minutes or so, for 2-6 minutes at at time (my own personal stair master). Then during the 30 minutes between checking on the laundry, I’ve been going out the front door for 3-5 minutes – walking around the building, taking paper to the recycle bin, etc. Little-bit’s current threshold for the front door is just under 4 1/2 minutes before he starts barking. I’ve got my work cut out for me. πŸ˜•

When I’m not tweaking the puppy and scaling the stairs, I’ve been unpacking boxes and boxes of kitchen stuff. Why do I have so much stuff? At first I was washing every dish before putting it away, because, let’s face it, the dishes are dirty now. Besides the copious amounts of water it would take to wash every dish, it is time consuming… so I’ve decided to leave myself little post-it notes to remind me that the dish still needs to be washed before use. Then I had a great idea… in about 6 months time, if a dish still has the post-it note on it, I’ll ask myself, “do I really need this” and if I feel I can part with said unused item, then I’ll give it to charity. Sounds like a good plan to me. πŸ˜€

How do you handle dishes that have been wrapped in paper and boxed once you get to your new place? I may be anal, but I feel that it is dirty now. Your hands get so dirty from packing for the move and now that is all over your dishes. I think it stems from long ago when I actually used newspaper, upon my arrival at the new place everything had that slight black ink-ness on it. This time I was able to purchase newspaper paper that does not have any ink on it. But the dishes still have a dirty look to them. I’d rather not risk it… I took microbiology in college, I’ve never been the same. πŸ˜•

Sorry this is so short and sweet, I’ll try to blog again later tonight… I still have more pictures from the trip to go through. Are you in the mood for another slide show?

Until next time…


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