3,300 miles… The Journey from Coast to Coast – Part Two…

When last I left you, I had just reached 100,000 miles on my car’s odometer, I think we were near Rock Springs, Wyoming. (Part One)

My taste-tester kept noticing these gas stations that had a little green dinosaur as their mascot. They are Sinclair gas stations. We’ve never seen this brand before. Turns out, Salt Lake City, Utah is the headquarters and there are two Sinclair refineries in Wyoming… so it stands to reason we would see a lot of these in Wyoming and Utah. Cute dinosaur…

To be honest, I’m not sure where this is… I think this is somewhere in Wyoming, possibly near Rock Springs?…

This was a great accidental find. TMI alert, I have a really small bladder, so most of the trip I was refraining from drinking very much so that I wouldn’t have to make stops very often. I would do my best to hydrate once we stopped at the hotel for the night. But by day six, I really needed more water than I was drinking during the day. So I thought, I can drink more and be fine for two hours. Well, apparently not, by the time I saw this rest area (just before entering Nevada), I was in serious need for a stop. I pulled in thinking it would be a quick stop and then we’d be on our way, turns out, it was a great place to take pictures…

This is the Bonneville Salt Flats, it is right on the border of Utah and Nevada on I-80. What are the Bonneville Salt Flats? I give you this placard which explains it best (click to enlarge)…

Pretty cool that people have driven on this great span of salt at 600 miles per hour!

(*Side note: I must have something on my camera lens, so annoying.)

This is a good place to stop. The next group of pictures take place in Pacifica, California. I hope you enjoyed today’s slide show. 🙂

Until next time…


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