Hey guys!

Thanks for all the support, I really appreciate it! 😀 Comments really do make a blogger’s day!

It is still pretty surreal to be here. I hardly believe it. Pretty much every day has been packed with driving or other moving type stuff. Most days feel like two or three days. We occasionally find ourselves commenting on something that happened that felt like it was days ago only to realize that it had happened that morning. Very long days.

Sorry that I haven’t created the picture filled posts yet. Sadly, all the things I was thinking of writing about while I was alone in the car with only my thoughts, have started to fade. I do plan to get to it very soon though.

On the upside, things are moving along pretty well…

We decided to check out one of the apartments that we really liked online but was told that Little-bit exceeded the weight limit. My taste-tester thought that if they saw Little-bit in person, they might let us rent there. Even thought the leasing agent LOVED Little-bit, she couldn’t make an exception. She did however recommend a list of several apartments that did allow dogs over 40lbs…

That was incredibly nice of her… by the way, everyone here seems incredibly nice, it’s kinda freaking me out (in a good way 😉 ). After all the stuff we had to deal with to get here and dealing with my old apartment management and a few disgruntled neighbors, I guess I’m used to feeling like everyone is giving me the finger. Having people treat you well is a nice change. I could get use to this. 😉

Anyway, there was a really really nice looking apartment complex within the same neighborhood… we decided, what the heck, all they can say is no, right? So my taste-tester went in and asked about the pet policy… I stayed outside with the pup, figuring he’d be right back. It was several minutes later and he came out with the leasing agent. She wanted to show us around the complex. What?? Yeah, Little-bit got the tour too! For the areas that were farther away, Little-bit road on my taste-tester’s lap in the golf cart. The place is amazing! The kitchen…. ooooh, I can hardly contain my delight! I thought for sure, from all my research, that if the place allowed large dogs then a nice kitchen was out of the question. But this place, it is even better than the place with the weight limit. It has a gas range! We filled out a lot of paper work and are just waiting for all the approvals to come in. How’s that for surreal?

Today I’m going to take Little-bit to a do-it-yourself dog wash. Poor pup, how many days have we been on the road, thirteen? Yeah, I’d want a bath too! In fact, I’m just about to leave to do that. My taste-tester left this morning for his first day of work. It’s all happening so fast!

I’ll write again as soon as I can…

Until next time…


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