Hello from San Diego, California…

Woohoo! We made it!

We rolled into town around 8pm and after unloading the cars and heating up some canned soup we were beat.

First order of business…

  • Today is a chore day, which includes laundry, grocery shopping, and checking the mail. Fun. But seriously, it needs to be done.

Second order of business…

  • Find a daycare for Little-bit. The chain of day cares that I took him to before is just 17 miles from here, I will check it out tomorrow.

Third order of business…

  • Find a place to live. I will be spending the next few weeks doing research and checking out places while my taste-tester will be learning his new job.

I need to get started, I have a long day ahead of me… I do plan to write a couple of longer posts talking about the trip in more detail…

Until next time…


5 thoughts on “Hello from San Diego, California…

  1. Yay—happy to hear y’all made it there safe. I want to see more pictures, I moved this wknd but my pictures are nothing in comparison to the ones you have since I just moved across town.

    Good luck finding doggie day care and a home!

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