Hello from Salt Lake City, Utah…

Hey guys, thanks for the well wishes! 🙂

We are going to turn in very soon and get up before the sun to try to avoid some of the heat during our drive through Nevada tomorrow. So this will have to be brief…

*waves* Hi Janetha! (Janetha is a blogger who lives here in SLC. 🙂 )

Were I a poet, I might be able to describe today’s breath-taking scenery. Wyoming and Utah are such beautiful states! I don’t even know if words can describe what I witnessed. In Wyoming the terrain was full of buttes (that’s butte with an e,
not butts ;)). But within miles of crossing the state line into Utah, the mountains became lush and green. Both types were candy for my eyes. I loved every second of it. I made pale attempts to capture it on film when we stopped a few times, but honestly, you just have to see it to really *get* it.

Today, I think we finally started to feel like this trip is a vacation. We took our time eating lunch and the scenery, as I said, was just gorgeous. We have been on this go-go-go routine for so long that it has taken us a few days to stop acting like we are running with our asses on fire.

Tomorrow is going to be HOT, so we are getting up really early, plus tomorrow’s drive will be 8 hours, which is a bit longer than most of our days have been.

I will most likely do a really big wrap-up post when we get to San Diego and start getting settled in.

In the meantime, I hope you like these short entries.

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Until next time…


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