Hello from Champaign, IL… Oh, And Houston, WTF?…

Our little space-themed adventure has hit another bump in the road… but let’s start from the beginning…

Yesterday we didn’t get out of town until just before 6pm… so we didn’t get to our destination until after 1am. That destination was Columbus, OH.

The scenery was beautiful driving through Maryland and West Virginia (it was too dark to see Pennsylvania and Ohio). And the sunset was breathtaking. It was kinda funny, it felt like we were chasing the sun because long after the sun should have set (~8pm) it was still fairly light out until 9:30ish.

Little-bit woke us at 6am this morning for a walk, but then right after a stroll around the perimeter of the hotel, we promptly went back to bed. We hustled to get out by checkout time.

As for food (this is a food blog, after all), we ate a really big spinach salad before we left Virginia and had some M&Ms on the road. But we were so damn tired by the time we rolled in to Ohio, that we went to bed without eating. For breakfast, we had cornflakes with bananas and silk. Yum. 🙂 Sorry no pictures…

Today’s planned destination is far from where we currently are… say what? Yep, another snag… my taste-tester’s car croaked soon after we crossed the Illinois state-line. We were stopping for dinner, and it died on the exit ramp. A friendly good Samaritan helped us out by helping us push the car out of the way and we jump started the car and got it to a gas station/subway sandwich shop. We were going to leave the car running while we ate, but it died again in the parking lot. (Btw, we had a veggie delight on wheat.) Next came the string of phone calls made by my taste-tester; to our mechanic for advice, then calling a local dealer to inform them we were coming (but the service office had just closed, but they informed us when the sales guys would leave), and then calling roadside assistance. Meanwhile, I called and canceled our hotel reservation, there was no way we were going to make it to our intended destination. What did we ever do before cell phones? Two and a half hours after we broke down, we were being towed to the nearest dealership (which, luckily, was only 30 miles away). Of course, they had just closed so we left our car there for the night and will be there bright and early in the morning to discuss what can be done. In the meantime, we are planning on staying at least another night, but we may be here for the 4th of July weekend. 😐

On the upside? Roadside assistance is a god send, if you don’t have it, get it. Also choosing the same hotel chain to make reservations with across the country has made me a VIP, so changing my reservation for some place near here was super easy. Whew.

Also it deserves mentioning that I saw two squirrels today. So if the squirrels are actually auspicious… then the upside is that even though we were broke down, my car is doing well, and we were able to find lodging and a mechanic near by. So, yea! Guess I have a little good karma stored up.

Tonight we were a bit more famished, our room has a microwave (yea!) and I happened to buy about 6 days worth of food for the trip. So I made these…

I served them with new-to-me Mary’s gone Crackers…

Yum 🙂

We’ve had a long two days… I’m off to get some sleep.

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Until next time…


2 thoughts on “Hello from Champaign, IL… Oh, And Houston, WTF?…

  1. Eek, that just sucks but thank god everything is ok with the car now! We stayed at a nice place in NYC this past wknd with no microwave, which was a huge bummer. I am loving the adventures from each city and state!

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