Happy Birthday, Little-bit!…

Today is Little-bit’s 14th birthday! In human years, he’d be 98! I think he looks pretty good for an almost centenarian. 😀

Normally, I would have baked him a banana cake and taken him to the dog park to play with his friends. But I don’t have the ingredients to make cake and it is way, way too hot outside to play at the dog park (it is currently 98°F, feels like 108°F).

I had hoped to take him to the beach, for the first time, on his birthday, but that is on hold for now. So in trying to make the best out of our current situation, I’ve been taking him on some early morning walks at some of our old stomping grounds. The heat around here is pretty oppressive, so we don’t get to go very far before he’s over-heated. I intend to get up even earlier in the next few days and continue to take him to various places and my taste-tester plans to come with us before he has to head off to work. 🙂

Earlier in the week I took him to Fuzzyhead Trail, which I blogged about here.

Yesterday, I took him to the jog/bike trail that I was going to during the winter… we met some nice people and smelled new smells, but had to return soon after because it got hot fast. I have some pictures from that trip…

Later in the day, I went out to lunch with a couple of friends, with Little-bit in tow. We went to Panera and had a nice lunch outside under table umbrellas. The breeze made the heat bearable… I had a bowl full of water for Little-bit and kept giving him my ice cubes. 🙂 I didn’t take pictures. Although I’m a ‘food blogger’, it felt kinda weird to take pictures of my food. Besides, this was actually the first time we ladies had gone out to eat together… we usually just hang out together at the dog park. We had a great time, I’m sad that I will likely not see these ladies again. Saying goodbye sucks. Hopefully we will still keep in touch.

I wasn’t sure what to order, so I asked the ladies to get me a veggie sandwich and whatever the sprite equivalent was, while I stayed outside with the little ones (Little-bit and a 22-month old little girl). They came back with the Mediterranean Veggie Sandwich, it has feta on it, so it’s not vegan, but it was really tasty. It was also a bit spicy. 🙂 For my beverage, they weren’t sure, so we tag-teamed the pup and I went inside and got fruit punch. For me, being vegan isn’t about being perfect. Sometimes you have to go with the flow. I was a vegetarian for a decade before becoming a vegan… I’ve only been a vegan for a little over a year, so it’s all still pretty new to me. The sandwich is something I would have ordered as a vegetarian, so I was happy.

Speaking of going with the flow… food around here has been a test of my creativity. My limitations are not only with the appliances I have on hand, but also a desire to not buy a bunch of stuff that I don’t have room for in my car when we do finally get to go. So I have been trying to be conservative in my meal selections.

In my refrigerator, there is an odd variety of condiments, I had a nearly empty jar of green olives and some sweet ‘n hot salad peppers… so I bought a frozen pizza (again, it is not vegan, but it is vegetarian). I bought Freshetta’s 4-cheese naturally-rising pizza, I like the tomato sauce on this pizza, it has a nice zing that lends itself nicely to the toppings of my choice. Back in the day, I would buy this pizza and put pineapple chunks on it… this time, I chose to slice up green olives and sweet ‘n hot salad peppers… it turned out really good… I highly recommend this one.

The day before the pizza, we had an interesting combination… bbq veggie burgers with german mustard and sweet ‘n hot peppers with a side of peas (that I found in the freezer) and some veggie chips (I mentioned these chips around Talk like a Pirate Day, they are good!)…

Do you remember life before the microwave? I vaguely remember veggies being heated up this way…

Oh, turns out the root beer isn’t vegan… it has honey in it. I thought that it was the same Virgil’s root beer that I’d been buying just in a different jar… but actually it is a different blend. This is the Special Edition Bavarian Nutmeg Root Beer… it is really good too. My taste-tester requests that we have it anyway. Honey is one of those hot topics among vegans, there are some who do and some who don’t eat honey. I tend to not buy honey, but will occasionally still eat something if there is honey in it.

Today for lunch, I had my share of Amy’s chilli with veggies… I threw in a handful of blue corn chips and ate it like it was dip… Yum!

I feel like I’m on the wagon train now. 😉

It looks like we are going to be here a bit longer… so when my taste-tester returns from work today I’m off to the grocery store. But what to get?

Here’s what I currently have on hand…

my refrigerator… completely random stuff… (that mounds bag is just shredded coconut, not the candy bars 😉 )

my freezer… turns out that burrito can be heated in the oven…

my ‘pantry’…

I have a few ideas in mind, but it occurs to me that I don’t even have salt & pepper on hand. Nor do I have cooking oil (olive oil, canola, etc)… and as I said earlier I don’t want to go out and buy a bunch of stuff, my space is very limited in my car.

Some of my ideas include:

  • roasted sweet potato with spinach salad
  • spaghetti (farfalle, bowtie pasta) with some olives from WF’s olive bar
  • baked potato w/ onion&peppers, beans and bbq sauce — not sure quite how I will prepare onions and peppers for this, have to consider this one for a while
  • lots of fruit
  • more oat bars — I’m toying with purchasing some more oats, coconut butter and agave

I don’t know… I have hours to think about it before he gets home, though. I’m bummed… but trying to make the best of the situation.

This has been the strangest couple of weeks, that’s for sure. To add to the fun, my taste-tester’s car was acting odd yesterday on his way home… sounds like a short in the wiring or a fuse perhaps… it’s at the shop now, hopefully they will find it, meanwhile, he has my car.

What do you do when things don’t go as planned? I’m trying my best to keep my chin up and make the most of if, but truth be told, I am depressed and angry. I feel helpless and frustrated. I hate waiting around. I’m not mad at my taste-tester, it’s not his fault… I want that to be clear, I’m mad at those above him that turned this would-be easy transfer into this hellatious mess. We are making do, and trying to stay positive… Today is Little-bit’s birthday!… it’s a day of celebration, we are all together and that’s all that really matters.

Happy Birthday, Little-bit!

Until next time…


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