Happy 18th Anniversary…

Today my taste-tester and I celebrate 18 years together! I wrote about our story back in December when we were about to celebrate our wedding anniversary… today is our dating anniversary. On this day, 18 years ago, we spent hours talking in the parking lot on campus… read more about our story here… and have been together ever since. ♥

For our ‘gift’ to each other, we are finally getting to move to the west coast. Woohoo!

It has been a dream of ours since the Summer of 2004 (when we visited San Francisco)… it has been a road riddled with obstacles… and it is still a journey in the making. I’m starting to think that writing about our move on the blog is a curse… I hit publish… obstacle suddenly appears… hmmm. But I’m going to keep on going as planned… I’ve spent entirely too much energy on worrying about the unknown. I just have to trust that it’ll all work out. Much like my story about getting together, at last, with my taste-tester… it’ll happen… just let it take it’s course.

We typically don’t do the gift thing for anniversaries, birthdays, or holidays… we tend to buy stuff as we need/want it. Every large purchase is discussed together and is usually encouraged by the opposite party to go ahead and get what we desire. But I do make cake. Cake is my thing… time to celebrate… let’s have cake!

So for our anniversary cake… well… we had that last week. Actually we had three cakes… a banana cake and two chocolate cakes… then I packed up my baking dishes. Summer marks the occasion of several birthdays and anniversaries… so I kinda went off on cake making… plus I was using up my pantry items. 😉

Speaking of packing for the move…

Yesterday, I got quite a bit accomplished, but not everything on my list. My car is now travel ready and my taste-tester’s car is in the shop today (we just swapped them last night), we’ll pick it up this evening. I managed to make ‘take or store’ decisions on the bathroom (while cleaning it), laundry room, and puppy supplies. I’m almost positive that Little-bit’s stroller will have to be stored. :/ I also did several loads of laundry.

For dinner, I heated up the sweet potato in the microwave, figuring I needed to know if I would want to do that again in the future when I no longer have access to an oven. My analysis? Hmmm… ok, in a pinch, but I prefer it in the oven, it’s a bit drier when you cook it in the microwave (but 7 minutes vs. 1 hour… that’s hard to ignore). I paired this still-good-enough-to-eat sweet potato with a spinach salad covered in strawberries and pecans. Yummy. Sorry, no pictures.

Today, I plan to officially close the kitchen… I’m packing it all! Oh, wait… I forgot to mention… for today’s celebrations and because the kitchen is closing… today is Breakfast Day… Cream of Wheat for breakfast, Oatmeal for lunch… then that crazy cooking pot is going to find itself in a box. From here on out, after the breakfast extravaganza, the only heating source is the microwave.

I also need to finalize our route… I didn’t get to that yesterday. For now, though, I think I’m going to take some time out and do some yoga. I’ve been feeling stiff and sore from all the lifting and packing. I know yoga will not only make me feel better physically but mentally too. Gotta be prepared for the next obstacle.

Oh… and even way back on our SF visit… we spotted a squirrel…

♥ Happy Anniversary, Honey! ♥

Until next time…


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