T minus 7 days…

Our dates have been shifted a bit and we are leaving about three days earlier than originally planned…

Luckily, PODS has been great and very flexible. Our container is now set to arrive on Monday and picked up on Thursday… we’ll leave Friday morning… eek!

I think we can do it, even though we still have a fairly long to-do list. Today, my taste‑tester is at work, for the last time at this site… my car is in the shop getting worked over for the drive (his car will go on Monday)… I will finalize our route and book the hotels along the way… and then continue packing.

The hardest part about this move has been making the decision to take it with us or put it in storage. You think you need so many things… but soon you realize the car is only so big, and then you have to get into a different mindset… nope, I can live without that for a month – it gets stored. Hard choices, indeed.

The other snag in our plan… is no forwarding address. My taste-tester is going to go and talk to the post office today to see just what our options are… online it looks like we cannot get a P.O. box without being at that post office… perhaps like the UPS store (another option) they can fax our credentials, and all that. Fingers crossed that my taste‑tester comes home with good news about that… it has been a worry of mine for some time.

This weekend is going to be full of making those hard choices (take or store) so that on Monday (when the container arrives) just about everything will be all boxed up and ready to be stored. I plan to close the kitchen this weekend as well, anything that cannot be heated in the microwave or consumed on paper products will not be allowed… with the exception of thermoses and stainless steel reusable water bottles. Not real sure what I’m going to have on hand to cut up veggies with, but I’ll figure it out. Really don’t want my favorite kitchen knife in the car… just seems wrong somehow to have a huge blade so near while driving (even if it is in the trunk).

There are a ton of little things that still need to be done, so even though it might seem like overkill to do this in 7 days, I think we will be scrambling to make that date.

My posts will probably be few, and during the 6-day drive non-existent. I’m pretty sure that 8-12 hour drives and sleeping in hotels will make one tired little blogger… so I’m thinking new posts will not happen. I suppose if I had thought of it earlier I could have scheduled some posts, but I didn’t think of it until now and now I really don’t think I have the time. :/

I’m hoping to post a few more times before we leave… but if I don’t…

see you on the flip side…


4 thoughts on “T minus 7 days…

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