Guess what! Today is my blog-anniversary… as in, my blog is 1 year old today! Yea! Happy Day!

I was trying to think of just the right thing to do for my blog’s anniversary. Given that I’m currently in the process of moving, I don’t have a ton of time to blog… but… I think I have a little bit of extra time for such a celebration. 😉

As I fell asleep last night, thinking of this post, I was trying to remember all the things that this blog has given me in the last year. Let’s take a moment to remember some great things this blog has brought into my life…

  1. Bloggie friends… seriously, what’s a blog without readers and commenters? Through comments, I have not only met (cyber-met) some great people, but I’ve had the opportunity to read their blogs (read about their lives) as well. This is by far the best part about blogging… feeling like you are talking to someone out there… otherwise, you’re talking to yourself and you wonder if you are going crazy. 😉
  2. Recipes… I’ve had the opportunity to give of myself… I love to cook, and I wanted to share my kitchen experiences with others. This was the original reason for starting my blog, but over the year, it has grown into something much more than a food blog.
  3. New food… I had produce delivered to my door, mostly local, always organic… I had the opportunity to try out some new produce while sharing my experiences with others. I’ve also tried out some new food from the grocery store, either stuff I found on my own, or was intrigued by after reading someone else’s blog and then getting to share my experience as well.
  4. Exercise… I was just thinking over the weekend that I have not met my goal of ‘sustaining a running gait for 5k by summer’, but what I have accomplished is learning my limits and working within them. By tracking my exercise daily (well, sometimes I post a bit late), I can see my progress. I know I’m not an athlete, and I’m a creature of chaos… so I don’t do well with a schedule, but when I see that I haven’t done much exercise lately, it encourages and reminds me to make a better effort to prioritize exercise. It’s a balance that I am always working on.
  5. Sharing… I’ve been able to share many experiences from my remembrances of my furry loved ones who have passed on, to my journey of transitioning to cruelty-free products. My journey to veganism started about 6 months before I started my blog, but the blog has allowed me to share my experiences of learning new foods and ways of cooking in a vegan lifestyle with others who may be interested in making the transition as well.
  6. Photos… I’ve become an amateur photographer, and am eager to learn so much more! Once I get to San Diego, I plan to purchase a digital-SLR camera and hopefully a macro lens, as well. They have a Fry’s there (in fact, there are two within 15 miles), so I figure I’ll have a better selection than what I can get here at BestBuy. As for photos along the trip to California, I plan to use my trusty point&shoot, plus it’s less to keep up with during the move.

I could probably go on and on all day… but alas, I do need to get back to packing. I will say, though, that I’ve had my moments of wanting to just drop this whole blogging business, but the blog is always here for me, waiting for me and giving me the opportunity to say what I have on my mind. I won’t be winning any pulitzer prizes for my writing, but I do get something far greater, a chance to express myself, share of myself, and hopefully make a few friends along the way.

Happy Anniversary, Blog!

Until next time…


4 thoughts on “Blog-iversary!…

  1. hi my friend, good luck with your move!!!

    we begin at 7am and by noon are hoping our truck is loaded and we are out.

    your last comment, almost as if you may not be 100% on cali/san diego ?!! Wow!! that was intersting to read! ha! well i hope you know where you’re going 🙂 it’s a gorgeous place and really, you will love it if that’s where you end up!

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