Everything Is Going To Be Alright…

I recently read one of my favorite blogs and was reminded to get back out there and do some running…

Lately, profanity has gotten to an all time high (yes, I do have a sailor mouth); family members’ feelings have been hurt, including my own; our time line is in question, someone in SD was told we would be there on the 21st… no that’s when we are leaving, right?; the-powers-that-be still haven’t told us where we will be sleeping once we get there… it sure feels like shit is hitting the fan…

Maybe it was the endorphins talking, but during my run this morning I saw two squirrels, who ran with me for a bit, and a third up ahead. It made me smile and I just knew everything is going to be alright.

I have since taken a much needed nap and am ready to take on the world… California, Here we come… whether you’re ready for us or not! 🙂

Until next time…


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