5 Weeks…

Five weeks until I am on the road headed to California!

It has been my dream to live in California ever since I visited San Francisco back in the Summer of 2004. We decided to add a little trip to CA onto our computer conference trip in NV. I treated it like the honeymoon we never had, I got us a hotel on the beach and rented us a convertible car. We got into San Fran around midnight and to our hotel around 1 am. We were exhausted from the conference and the flight. We could hear the waves of the ocean but it was too dark to see, I was kinda scared by the sound.
It was so loud, so close. In the morning, I looked out our balcony and the ocean was beautiful. Hauntingly beautiful. We could see dark shapes bobbing in the water, we thought they might be seals. 🙂 That day we got in the convertible and drove down Hwy 1, all the way from Pacifica to Monterey then we drove back up El Camino Real and stopped by Stanford to look around the campus. That night the waves of the ocean were a caressing sound, a sound I have missed ever since. The next day we drove across the Golden Gate Bridge, we drove around Berkeley, then we drove near Treasure Island and then headed to the airport to go home. It was a whirlwind tour, but one I have never forgotten. I miss the ocean so much.

Which is why I am both insanely excited and terrified. There is a small voice in my head that asks, “Will it live up to the dream?”

To make matters more terrifying, we are not moving to San Francisco… we’re moving to San Diego, a place we have never been.

We’ve asked people we meet who are from California, what they think of San Diego. They always comment on the weather. They say the weather is great. They also say that Northern California is different than Southern California… but they don’t really specify if that is good or bad, they just say “it’s different”.

The logistics of moving across the country, sight-unseen, is mind boggling, to say the least. My head hurts from trying to think of everything we need to do before our move. For the last several months we have been worrying, stressing, researching, and discussing, then repeating the process. Finally, yesterday we got the go ahead that California was, in fact, our next destination. Such a relief! But it’s only the tip of the iceberg… we have tons more to do, beyond packing and then driving for 6 days. So like I said, I’m insanely excited and equally terrified.

Yesterday we gave our ‘intent to vacate notice’ to the apartment office… so that was pretty scary, considering we don’t currently have any idea where we will be staying once we get there. I have researched apartments extensively, and we fell in love with the idea of one. It looked ‘perfect’ on paper, we even ‘drove’ around the neighborhood with Google Maps’ Streetview. There was just one problem, the pet policy was not clear. So today I called this apartment… there is a breed restriction, but Basset Hound passes (obviously), but there is also a weight restriction of 40lbs. DAMN! Not only is this very disappointing, it feels like a set back. I don’t think we realized how much we liked the apt until we couldn’t have it.

But I’m trying to look at this as the glass is half full. I really wasn’t comfortable renting an apartment sight unseen. There is just something intuit about actually stepping foot in a neighborhood that you just cannot get from researching it online. So instead, I think we are going to take up the corporate housing offer and stay there for a month or two. That way I can actually drive around, ask about pet policies, etc. I think it will work out better in the long run.

So for now, I’m trying to concentrate on the actual moving elements. In my head, everything is getting put into categories. What can I live without for a month, what can’t I live without? What have I not used in 5 years, do I really need it? Etc, etc. I have put my tea making supplies and my vitamix into the category of can’t live without. But cookbooks are a lot harder. What cookbooks am I willing to put into storage? It’s a funny dance. My car is only so big. I will have to make sacrifices. Which brings me to the food in my kitchen currently. I keep opening up my cupboards thinking, “Must consume this in 5 weeks”. I can give the closed items (ie. canned goods) to a food drive if need be, but all the open stuff needs to be consumed, otherwise, I’ll have to trash it. Which saddens me.

What cookbook would you bring with you if you were going to be cooking in someone else’s kitchen for a month? I’m currently at a loss, but I know I can’t take them all.

I really should get back to work, I have a to do list a mile long. I hope to write about some of the crazy concoctions I’m bound to come up with from my dwindling pantry.

Until next time…


7 thoughts on “5 Weeks…

  1. the last thing on my mind would be what cookbook to bring?!! LOL

    Ok congrats, NIC!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This is amazing news! Wow, we will both be in SD! It’s home for me, but you’ve never been.

    Yes, So and Nor Cal are diff. Nor Cal is more hippy liberals with a cause and So Cal is more beachy and “whatever”. I dont know ,that’s my 1-liner armchair take of it. I love love love SF and the bay area but it’s too cold for me. Also, San Diego is like a small town in that you can be anywhere in 20 mins, truly anywhere in 40. In SF, there is far more traffic to contend with.

    Way too much to type but holy smokes, so happy for you…let’s keep in touch about the move!

  2. Wow-San Diego? Congrats and I am so jealous! I’ve only been once but absolutely loved it. It’s very chill, clean and as you heard, beautiful weather. Can’t wait to hear more about it!

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