Produce Wednesday…

Ooops… remember how I said the other day that I was going to suspend my produce delivery? Apparently I’m a little goofy in the head… because I didn’t do it right. This afternoon when I was about to take Little-bit for a walk, there was a box of produce on my doorstep. Umm… didn’t I say ‘on demand’? Turns out, I forgot to save my preference and it still said ‘every other week’. I am truly a dork sometimes.

I think I’ve fixed it and it should now be ‘on demand’. But the good news is, I haven’t gone to the grocery store yet and was wondering what I was going to make with the limited supply I had. So, “Hello, produce box.” It was like getting a present on my door… what’s in the box?

    golden pineapple
    grape tomatoes
    yukon gold potatoes
    yellow squash
    mineola tangelos
    packham pears
    green beans
    romaine lettuce

Oddly the ‘do not deliver’ worked for the kiwi, but not for the grape tomatoes. Hmmm…. neither my taste-tester nor I like the seeds of a tomato, so we tend to shy away from grape/cherry tomatoes… I will have to see what I can make with these. I may just make a fresh tomato sauce and try to deseed the tomatoes. Otherwise, the box is pretty cool. Go to grocery store… done.



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