Tres de Mayo…

It was easy to remember Floofy’s birthday by thinking of Cinco de Mayo and changing it to the third. Floofy would have been 16 years old today. It’s crazy how fast time flies. It seems like just yesterday my boys were puppies. Little bit will be 14 years old next month. Learn more about my Floofy here.

Floofy as a puppy

He loved tennis balls

Floofy as a puppy

One of my favorite pictures, he was always such a camera ham

Another tennis ball

Floofy and Little-bit

Floofy - we miss you! (May 3, 1994 - Feb 15, 2008)



4 thoughts on “Tres de Mayo…

  1. Awwww those pictures are so adorable. My favorite is Little Bit holding onto Floofy, absolutely precious. And your favorite picture of him is so cute, it’s like he knew to pose and is saying “Heeeeeey”. As tough as it is, all we can do is remember the joy that those are gone brought into our life. Hope you find some smiles thinking about that.

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