Z Pizza…

We recently went to Z Pizza

I ordered the Berkeley Vegan…

It was really good! As I stated before, I haven’t really missed cheese and I still stand by that statement… even though the vegan cheese was pretty good and melty… I think the next time I order, I’ll just ask for no cheese. The great thing about Z Pizza is that it looks like I can pretty much custom order my pizza and make it vegan. The sausage looking pieces on the pizza are veggie burger crumbles and they had that signature fennel seed taste that sausage has. But again, I think they will be able to make an equally delicious pizza cheese-less and fake-meat-less. I intend to buy a pizza from them again.

Little-bit says he’d like to try a piece…

Until next time…


2 thoughts on “Z Pizza…

  1. That is awesome that you have places like that! And you can custom make your own pizza–win win!

    You have more will power than I do, I always end up giving Lincoln parts of my crust.

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