The Weather Outside Is Frightful…

Today’s high is supposed to be 90°F… wait… isn’t it still April?

This is one of the times of the year I open up the house and let the cool air waft in… it’s one of the reasons why spring and fall are my favorite seasons. umm… I have my air conditioner on. The DJs on the radio are referring to the weather as “another summer day”, hey, not cool, man… it’s spring!

It’s not like I live somewhere you’d expect it to be hot, like Phoenix, which incidentally, their high today is only 75°F, WTF! I live in the D.C. metro area, our springs are supposed to be in the low 70s! According to AccuWeather, last year the high was 63°F.

Luckily, there is rain in the forecast for Friday which will cool this place down… but today and tomorrow will be brutal! If this is spring, I’m scared to see what our highs will be this summer.

One guy on the radio was saying that the cherry blossoms are being “burnt off” by the high temperatures. The festival is still in full swing and soon there will be no blossoms to see? Crazy!

Has the weather been crazy for you this year too?

Side note: I want to send out a CONGRATULATIONS! to my SIL… she’s getting married today. In about a half hour actually. I just found out about it on Sunday, stealthy little one she is. 😀

Until next time…


2 thoughts on “The Weather Outside Is Frightful…

  1. LOL That is so funny you said Phoenix! I was talking with my bff this morning (who I used to live with in Phoenix) and I was telling her it was going to be 90 here today and she said it was only supposed to be 74 there—hello global warming-nice to meet ya! It’s supposed to cool down here by Thursday and I hope it does in DC this wknd since I will be there. I don’t think I can do the Cherry Blossom Festival and all those people in this miserable weather.

    • simplyshaka – The weather is supposed to cool down this weekend… Friday’s high is only 61°F, Saturday 62°F, and Sunday 71°F. Which would be really nice actually. I hope that guy on the radio was wrong about the blossoms being burnt off, so that you will still be able to see the beauty of the trees! 🙂

      That said, yesterday it got up to 93°F and today’s high is 92°F… yuk.

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