New Food and Cruelty-Free Product Review…

Even though I’ve been cleaning out my pantry, I could not resist getting some new food finds…

Purely Decadent made with Coconut Milk Non-Dairy Frozen Desserts: I was going to use stock photos of the ice cream, but the new flavors have not been updated on their website. These photos came from Hungry Vegan

Turtle Trails – It was pretty good. It had caramel swirled throughout the vanilla ice cream with chocolate-covered-pecans. It was heavy on the vanilla and light on the turtle goodness, but still a very good ice cream.

Cherry Amaretto – Also pretty good, a light cherry ice cream with big cherries through out. I really wanted there to be chocolate in this one, but still very good.

My favorite flavor remains to be Mocha Almond Fudge (which has coffee in it), but I will definitely keep my eye out for Chocolate Brownie Almond. 🙂

Salazon Chocolate Co. – Organic Dark Chocolate with Sea Salt and Organic Turbinado Cane Sugar – Amazing! I really liked this bar. It was creamy with bits of salt and sugar on the bottom. If you like the saltiness you get from chocolate covered pretzels, then you will like this chocolate bar. Awesome.

Endangered Species – Extreme Dark Chocolate – Extreme. Very dark. Very good. I cannot eat a ton of this at once, which is probably a good thing, but this definitely will curb your chocolate cravings.

And I’ve also switched a few more of my beauty items to cruelty-free.

Giovanni – L.A. Hold Hair Spritz – I’ve been using this hair spray for a month or so, I really like it. I like a flexible hold that still keeps my style… this does that. A great cruelty-free product.

Kenra Platinum – Texturizing Taffy
Our hairstylist has been using this product on my taste-tester for years. When I started switching things over, I was glad to see that it was cruelty-free. My taste-tester was glad too, this is the only ‘finishing’ product he uses on his hair and it keeps his style in place. He uses it on his towel-dried hair. I have started using this product myself in the last few weeks, I use it right after I blow dry my hair for piece styling my bangs, just before I spray on the hair spritz. I am very happy with this product, just a little bit goes a long way. Plus it smells like grape now and laters. 🙂

Unfortunately I’ve had to go back to a conventional deodorant. 😦 Apparently I sweat a lot, even in the winter. I tried both Kiss My Face (liquid rock, fragrance free) and Tom’s of Maine (long lasting, unscented), but I just never felt confident of my scent, and the pits of my shirts were always wet. My taste-tester switched back, as well, because he developed a rash from the Kiss My Face brand and felt the the Tom’s of Maine brand didn’t work well for him. So, I’m still on the lookout for a cruelty-free deodorant (antiperspirant). Until then I’ll have to deal with white marks on my clothes and difficulty shaving my underarms. Can’t win. 😦 Maybe I’ll try Jason’s deodorant next time.

I thought there was more to review, but I am at a loss as to what else there was. Maybe I’ll remember later.

Until next time…


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