TGIS(aturday)… that’s what little-bit will be saying when he figures out that he’s not going to daycare today. 🙂

It has been an interesting week. I’m starting to feel like a functioning member of society again. Oddly the things that I’ve been excited over this week made it seem like I’d been in a cave for some time. Rather than do a bunch of posts, I thought I’d do an overview of the week, a week in review, if you will.

I give serious kudos to those bloggers who have jobs! Even though I’ve been having a running commentary going on in my head all week of what I’d like to talk about on the blog, I haven’t had enough brain power to actually write. I’ve been very brain tired this week.

But let me just go ahead and get to the fun stuff I did this week…

After our big snowfall and the snowplows this winter, the roads have been utterly awful around here… there are pot holes EVERYWHERE… and some of them sneak up on you… I ended up having to take my car to the shop because the steering wheel was tugging a bit and at higher speeds my tires seemed wobbly… I figured I hit one too many sneaky pot holes. Turns out, my tires were dry-rotting. There were also a bunch of spider cocoons on the rims, how embarrassing! I guess I really haven’t been driving much! So I gave the ok to have them replaced, but they didn’t have any in stock, so they gave me a rental car for the day.

Cool thing about the rental car was that it was just a bit bigger than my car, so I went to Ikea! Silly I know, but my car was just a touch too small to get some furniture I’ve been wanting. My back seat door was about 1 inch too small and my back seats do fold down, but the opening is small so the stuff would never fit. By getting a rental car that had a bigger trunk, the seats laid down flat with a larger opening and doors that were bigger seemed like a sign that I should run to Ikea right now! 😉

What did we get? A dinning room table and chairs! (click on the picture to go to the Ikea page)

Action shot…

Oh, and since I was able to take my time doing things this week… while at whole foods I finally found… drum roll, please…

If you don’t know, these candy bars are vegan versions of Almond Joy (mahalo) and Snickers (jokerz)… I’ve been looking for these for some time now. They seem to be abundant on the west coast and are available in select cities. But for some strange reason they have not been available in my area… at last they are available at my whole foods! Woohoo!

Both my taste-tester and I ended up enjoying the Mahalo bars most. The Jokerz bar was a bit on the sugary side, but still very good. Now they just need to make my other favorite candy bars, Twix and Butterfinger, and then I’ll be in heaven. 😉

As for ‘real’ food… I was able to make a few dishes and all of them turned out spectacular!

You may recall that I’ve been cleaning out my pantry, so these dishes helped me make a dent in some of the stuff I have in my kitchen…

First up, Mango Noodles (Vegan Lunch Box Around the World, p.124)… I changed up the ingredients just a tad. My sesame oil has chilies in it so I did not add a chili, but more importantly I used baked tofu instead of regular tofu. I am not a fan of tofu straight-up, but I do like baked tofu. So I picked up one that had oriental seasonings in it that I felt would go well with the marinade. Also I could not find snow peas so I used sugar snap peas. Oh yea, and I don’t like baby corn on the cob, so I used frozen corn kernels… Rating: Awesome…

Next up, my Signature Olive Yummy Bread. This time I used whole food’s wheat pizza dough, then I put some roasted garlic olive oil on it with some Italian seasoning. For the filling I used a variety of items, see pictures. Rolled it up, pinched it, floured it, then baked it in a 400°F oven for 30-35 min. Served it with Newman’s Own Sockarooni Pasta Sauce & Virgil’s Rootbeer… Rating: Awesome…

I also made Green Lentil and Bulgur Stew (150 Vegan Favorites, p.155), a simple combination of lentils, bulgur, onion, olive oil, and salt&pepper. It was a great way to make a dent in my pantry stash. I served it with a spinach and cranberry salad w/ carrots on the side… Rating: Very Good…

All in all, a very productive week, albeit very tiring. We are going to reward little-bit with a day of fun. I have some other new foods to share/review… but I’ll put that in another post… there is puppy fun to be had!

Oh, I nearly forgot! We also went to the theater to watch Alice in Wonderland! Yea! I’m sad to say that the last time I went to the theater to watch a movie was for Harry Potter last summer (July 2009), eek.

Until next time…


2 thoughts on “TGIS…

  1. Good to hear you feel like a member of society again and got a lot done. I want to go to Ikea so bad since we just had one open up but my car won’t fit anything so I will have to coax one of my friends to take me.

    And those bars sound so cool!! I am going to DC this next wknd and already demanded to my best friend that she take me to Whole Foods and will have to add those to the list. Your mango noodles look absolutely delcious. Hope you have a great rest of the wknd!

    • simply shaka – Thanks! I love Ikea, my apartment could be an ad for Ikea. 🙂

      Hope you find the bars at the whole foods you go to, the one thing about this area is that the whole foods are smaller here than in the south. So sometimes the selection is much smaller. I used to love to visit a whole foods in the Atlanta Metro it was HUGE! 🙂

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