This One’s For The Ladies…

I have a question for the ladies out there…

I recently got a messenger bag. Apparently, I’m ‘old school’ because this is my first messenger bag, I’ve always done the one-arm backpack thing. So, here’s my question… where does the strap go. I mean where should it lay?

I find it more comfortable to have it lay across my breastbone, but that seems to accentuate my… erm… womanliness… but if I wear it off to the side a bit, it completely mashes one breast.

Does anyone have any suggestions?



2 thoughts on “This One’s For The Ladies…

  1. I feel the same way about this. I usually wear mine in between the girls which accentuate them but it is the most comfortable than having to wear to the side or slinging on one shoulder and awkwardly having to hold it down with one hand (if that makes sense?)

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