Sun Salutations (surya namaskar) in the Sun…

This morning the sun was shining into my apartment…

Little-bit was out on the balcony soaking up the sun…

And I got the idea to do some yoga in the sun. I knew that I would only be getting the rays for a short amount of time – usually I only get about 2 hours total in the summer – so it was now or never…

I had a great mostly self-guided session. I did a few sun salutations (surya namaskar), some triangles and side stretches… then I remembered a sequence that I really like from Rodney Yee’s – Yoga for Energy DVD… the centering section. I’ve had this DVD for years and from the first time I played it I’ve loved this sequence. I love the gentle flow from one pose to the next. I like the whole DVD, but I love the centering section. I was a dancer in my youth (4th-12th grade, tap/jazz/ballet), so I really like yoga that is flow-y like a dance. This whole DVD is flow-y… Rodney quietly speaks the name of the pose while the rest of the time you only hear the music… it’s different than any other yoga video I’ve done. The centering sequence – in case you’re curious – is:

Anyway, I did this in the sun, and it was glorious. My muscles got warm and I was more bendy… it was awesome.

Little-bit got in on the action…

Soon the sun was leaving…

Afterwards, I had a nice cold smoothie. My favorite with blueberries and a handful of spinach added (pictured: yesterday’s cherry version). In a new cup that my taste-tester brought home from class that I deemed the official smoothie cup… (he got the ‘extra’ smoothie when he got home 😉 )

Until next time…


4 thoughts on “Sun Salutations (surya namaskar) in the Sun…

  1. My apartment never gets any sun so I get excited when I get sun in on my patio and will just sit outside and read (I have weirdos living across from me so I don’t even want to try yoga on my patio) but that’s really cool you got an opportunity to do that and get some sun.

    Where did you get that cup? I love it.

    • simplyshaka – the cup is swag from a class my taste-tester attended this week… I have no idea where to get one otherwise… it’s one of those things that only companies seem to know how to acquire and have their logo placed on it… you know what I mean? The care instruction insert in the cup calls it a spirit – 16 oz… if that helps?

      I totally know what you mean about not wanting the neighbors to see… I won’t do yoga on my balcony either! 😀 I have this screen/curtain thingy on my door, hopefully no one could see me! eek. 😛

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