Happy St. Pat’s…

Luckily, I have green in my PJs so I didn’t get pinched this morning. πŸ˜‰ I don’t have any plans today, except to make sure I wear green… what are your plans today?

I had an interesting yesterday… My post is going to be all over the place today and out of order, hope you can keep up. πŸ™‚

Hello gorgeous…

Hello cuteness…

The temperatures actually got up to 63°F on my balcony… soon this pile of snow will be melted…

before - March 3, 2010

after - March 16, 2010 - snow section lightened for better viewing

Yesterday on the radio I heard the song, “Miracles” by Jefferson Starship… it’s been in my head ever since… probably because when I got home I looked up the lyrics to see who sang it and then went to youtube to hear it again… and again. It’s such a beautiful song. Have you really listened to the lyrics, though? Racy! You should check out the lyrics. πŸ˜›

I am definitely a 70’s girl… I love so many 70’s songs… I’m sure you young punks would look at me like I’m 100 if you heard me jamming out to Miracles as I drove by. Haha. You can think I’m old, I don’t care! Haha. And yes, I am totally jamming out to the song right now playing on youtube. I think that the songs from the 60’s and 70’s actually had something to say. I don’t care what the artists look like, nor do I care what they are wearing, I care about the music and the lyrics. So, I’m a 70’s girl. Which is quite evident since my favorite song of all time is “Magnet and Steel” by Walter Egan. And now I’m totally jamming to that on youtube. I’m also an 80’s girl… I just looked up “Major Tom” by Peter Schilling and found a German version… too cool. Oh, youtube, thanks for letting me listen to the songs I can’t buy anymore!

If you want a really good laugh, and who doesn’t, check out “Mr. Tambourine Man” sung by William Shatner… I roll on the floor laughing and tear up every time hear this. We found this audio back in 1996 or so and I teared up with laughter then too… love it. I love to laugh. Sadly, I don’t think Cap’n Kirk was trying to be funny… which makes it funnier. I love how it sounds like Shatner is chasing down the tambourine man… oh, classic. :’) And if you want to be frightened… check out Leonard Nimoy singing “Bilbo Baggins”… wtf? We had a good laugh last night…

moving on…

My taste-tester is taking a class this week and next, so we are on the morning shift this week and next… yea!!! Of course, daylight saving totally kicked our butts. Monday was HARD to get up at 6am. But getting up early allowed me to see the strangeness of the day…

That’s two guys on the roof, one is blowing out the gutters, with the same device they blow grass and leaves with, while the other is holding on to him with a rope… who’s holding on to the guy with the rope? Scary! Ok, I’ve NEVER had a bad job, apparently. You couldn’t pay me enough to do that job. πŸ˜› Fear of heights and an ear imbalance might hinder me on that job, don’t ya think?

So, since my taste-tester is in class, when he gets home he continues to study if his brain isn’t mush from all the learning he just had… so tag-teaming to go to the store just isn’t as easy… plus I hate going to the store when everyone else who just got off work is there… jungle… so I decided I’d run ‘real quick’ out… hoping that the neighbors’ wouldn’t mind so much during the day if little-bit barked… so around 10:30am he was napping and I slipped out very quietly… I had to go to the vet to pick up medicine and two other stores it shouldn’t have taken very long… but I guess Tuesday at 11am is prime time at the vet, because it was packed! It took 20min to get my meds, yikes. I was only gone 1:22, but little-bit was barking… ugh. Silly dog.

The strange part? A few hours later a note was on my door, well everyone’s door – thankfully – stating that there had been a lot of complaints lately about noise in our complex. It stated several ordinances about loud music and loud animals… ugh. I’m fairly certain that it had more to do with a party across the way over the weekend, but crap… I need to wean little-bit off his barking and it’ll take some time, and some barking… whatever, I’ll do what I can. It’s just really creepy that I got the letter on the same day I decided to ‘risk it’ and run out for an hour.

Around 8pm we took little-bit for a walk and then the power went out… it was interesting to be outside when it happened. Suddenly the stars were really bright, it was beautiful. It was really quiet and the sky was still a bit bright in the distance – the rest of the city had power. We walked around enjoying the rare occasion when it’s just you and nature. That lasted only seconds though, because then flashlights started coming on in people’s apartments. It was kinda neat to watch how people react. One person was a bit obnoxious and was waving a bright flashlight around the parking lot, it suddenly felt like a prison spotlight… crazy-ass, way to ruin the moment. Then there is the inevitable person who just has to get out in their car… what’s with people having to go driving around when the power goes out? We live in a gated community, guess what, the gate is closed. Well, apparently the ‘in’ was open so people were going out the in… people lose their minds when the power goes out. When we lived in Alabama, the power would go out every time it rained, it rained ALOT… people would practically run out of their apartments asking ‘is your power out too?’… no, it’s one great big conspiracy, the whole city’s in on this… you’ve been punk’d… geez. We lived in a gated community there too, the gate was a wooden bar, it was always being plowed through by some jackass who ‘just had to go driving’ when the power went out… crazy, I tell you.

We eventually made it back to our apartment – trying to avoid getting run over – and enjoyed the absolute quiet of the apartment. No computer fans running, no humming of the refrigerator… just quiet, it was lovely, we have these candles that are actually led lights that are really cool – they flicker like a candle, but don’t smoke up the apartment… just as we were getting sleepy and enjoying the dark and quiet… BLARING LIGHTS came on… gaaaa… woke me right up. Soon after is when I went looking for the Miracles song on youtube, then the silliness ensued and we ended up listening to Shatner and Nimoy. Too funny…

Before the power went out, I had made soup – in case you came here for the food – I made a minestrone-type soup using the rainbow chard and fingerling potatoes from my produce box… Yummy.

Told you I’d be all over the place today… admit it, you like it when I get weird… πŸ˜‰
Happy St. Pat’s… are you wearing green? *pinch*


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