Strange days are these…

The last few days have been strange, indeed. My ‘taste-tester’s schedule has been all over the place… well, really I guess his has just been really late. My schedule has been all over the place…

He worked over the weekend both at home and at the office. Sunday he worked at the office until midnight, as you may recall from my last post. The stress level at the office has been palpable… apparently today is a deadline for something, and everyone is running around with their asses on fire. My guy has been working the late shift. Neither of us expect him to be home until tomorrow morning. 😕

On the home front, I want to spend as much time with him as I can when he is home, but at the same time, my pup has a very definite schedule, which seems to be the exact opposite of my ‘taste-tester’s. So yesterday I mostly conducted my day in a haze. I had stayed up until 4:30am on Monday night/Tuesday morning hanging out with my guy and catching up on his day. But ‘little-bit’ woke me up at 10am wanting to go out and have breakfast. I think he caught me mid-sleep-cycle because I was pretty brain-dead. I went back to bed after our outing. He woke me up again for his lunch/walk about 2 hours later… again, mid-sleep-cycle. So I was pretty worthless most of the day. I took a nap around 8pm, because I was just soooo tired. Oddly around 10pm I was WIDE-AWAKE. But then I crashed again and was ready to go back sleep around 1am… I finally made it to bed around 2 or 3am.

The pup let me sleep in until 11am, so I’m doing much better today, although I have to admit that I wasn’t showered* and ‘ready to start the day’ until around 3pm. Very strange, indeed. (*I dress and take the puppy out without showering for speed, then make lunches.)

But sometime yesterday, in the haze, I was doing dishes and thinking about how strange our schedules have been the past few months. Then John Lennon’s song popped in my head…

♪ Nobody told me there’d be days like these… strange days indeed, most peculiar mama! whoa! ♪
Nobody Told Me (John Lennon)

Of course, I had the lyrics wrong… I thought they were ♪ strange days are these… ♪ whatever… still applies. 😛

Anyway, I was thinking about how the wild-ass schedule, the snow, and the cold have really put a damper on my mood, and it’s been showing up here on my blog. So I decided to make a concentrated effort to ‘find the beauty’ each day, or at the very least ‘find something interesting’… so that’s what I’ve been up to. I only took one picture yesterday, seeing as how I was in a daze. I made roasted potatoes and the colors of the huckleberry & blue potatoes with onions reminded me of the 4th of July, so I snapped a picture…

Today, I have a few pictures. But I have to admit that the gray skies have made my work a bit harder. So I went for interesting at first…

Even though a lot of snow has melted off, there are still a few pockets of giant mounds of this stuff…

I find this very amusing… I guess we won’t be washing our cars for awhile…

Ah… finally, some flowers….

Of course, this little guy will brighten anyone’s day…

Speaking of ‘little-bit’, he says today’s suckatude is pretty high… I cleaned his ears a few moments ago. I don’t think there are enough goodies in the world to make up for an ear cleaning. 😕

Because of the strange days, I went ahead and ordered a produce delivery for this week… so here’s some beauty in food! 🙂

Today’s bounty:

    russet potatoes
    cremini mushrooms
    roma tomatoes
    romaine lettuce
    mini sweet peppers (red, orange, yellow)
    granny smith apples
    bosc pears
    ruby red grapefruits
    *fuji apples

I decided to not mess with the box this week and so it came ‘straight up’. *I did, however, order extra apples. 🙂

Speaking of beauty, I found, on my little walk a few moments ago, that if you really look, even a gray day can be beautiful…



One thought on “Strange days are these…

  1. your foodie pics look amazing nic!
    and i love the produce beautiful!

    re the bloggers who leave comments back and respond to comments, what i meant by that is sometimes one has a legit comment/question for a blogger and it is necessary to make a recipe to know the answer, and they dont reply..that’s annoying 🙂 Not that every comment that a reader leaves a blogger necessitates a reply.. That would be silly….I’d have to leave 80 replies per day on top of the other 100 or so blogs i cruise to.
    Have a wonderful nite 🙂

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