In Thrive, Brendan Brazier suggests eating carbs right away, after a workout, and protein an hour later. He also mentioned that our taste receptors are different after a workout and that we’d like bitter or sour things better than sweet. I’d have to agree, 100%!

After my runs I’ve been having a hard time finding just the right thing to consume. Things I would normally grab seem too sweet, sickly sweet, actually.

I remembered a video interview that I saw of Brendan, where he kept saying he really enjoyed the grapefruit that he and the interviewer had after a two hour run… Normally, I tend to shy away from grapefruit. It’s not that I don’t like it, it just seems like too much work, I guess. My usual preparation is to cut it in half, then cut along each segment chamber and then all the way around the circumference… then I add a thin layer of sugar and wait 15-20 minutes… Ugh. Sure it’s tasty, but wow, so much work and wait time.

Today after my run, I thought, you know, a grapefruit sounds really good right now, without the sugar. So I prepped it with the knife work as usual, but this time I just ate it as is. I ate the first half with the gusto of a starving person, it was perfect. I thought about sharing my grapefruit, like usual, with my ‘taste-tester’… but I wanted more! So I ate the second half, as is, as well! And I didn’t just eat it, I tore into it, I ate every part that is edible.

It was amazing. I’m thinking of going and getting a few more of these gems I usually shy away from, what was I thinking? Grapefruit is awesome!

‘Little-bit’ I think it’s time for a little tough-love, mommy needs her grapefruit…
Until next time…


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