Produce Wednesday & Snow Update…

Every morning I look out my window hoping to see this…

Instead I see this…

Hrumph… I think the snow has lost all its appeal. 😦 Probably because, well, ‘little-bit’ is still without grass…

You still need an all-terrain vehicle to get around the complex… yep, it’s day 13 and our parking lot still looks like this…

But overall, I think that somewhere along the way, the snow went from beautiful and scenic…

To dreary… 😦

Although, the icicles are pretty cool… 🙂

I saw a kid the other day who told me she was tired of the snow, that was about a week ago, poor kid.

Personally, I miss spring flowers, birds chirping, and green grass! I miss temperatures in the 50s!

Oh well, at least I get to look at these colors! Behold, Produce Wednesday!…

Today’s organic bounty:

    Acorn Squash
    Sweet Potatoes
    Bunched Carrots
    Portabello Mushrooms–>Bananas
    Romaine Lettuce
    Cameo Apples
    Navel Oranges
    Bosc Pears
    Ruby Red Grapefruit
    *Medjool Dates

I decided to get more bananas rather than portabello mushrooms, I have so many more uses for bananas, besides, I’m a banana addict. I also special ordered some medjool dates and ginger. Mmmm juicy-sticky dates and young ginger! 🙂

Until next time…


3 thoughts on “Produce Wednesday & Snow Update…

  1. I’d like to send you a bubble bath sample from my cruelty-free bath and body line: elliott’s ethos. If you are inetrested please send me your snail mail address. Thanks!

    • Lucy – Thank you for your offer, but I’m going to have to decline. I don’t feel comfortable giving out my physical address.

      I’ve checked out Elliot’s Ethos’s website and am thrilled that there is more cruelty free products out there. Is there a store where I can purchase your products? I’d be willing to go check them out.

      All the products I’ve reviewed have been as a regular consumer who happens to write a blog. None of the products were gifts from the manufacturer.

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