Kitchen Gadgets, Part 4…

Did you miss Part 1, or Parts 2 & 3?

I’ve been a bit sidetracked by all the snow, but I promise, I didn’t forget about Part 4! 😉

Actually, the time was well spent, because I was able to capture the kitchen gadget in action during several projects, thus giving me the ability to show it off more. 🙂

* All pictures can be clicked on to make them bigger. *

What is this elusive kitchen gadget you ask? Why, it’s the Magic Bullet! You may recall that back when I was first trying out Katie’s and Averie’s versions of Lara Bars, that I was wanting a Magic Bullet because it was smaller and would probably do a better job at mixing the small portions. Boy was I right!

Don’t get me wrong, I love my Vitamix, but it really is a big job gadget, for smaller jobs I prefer the Magic Bullet. It’s ‘the right tool for the job’ kind of thing. 🙂

So what goodies have I been mixing up with my new gadget?

Fun balls, of course! I did a bit of experimenting… it looks like the dates to nuts ratios for Katie’s recipe is ~3:1, Averie’s recipe is 2:1, and my recipe is 1:2…

Let’s see, I think this was 30 grams dates, 60 grams peanuts, 15 grams chocolate chips, and a pinch of salt…

The magic bullet is also great for grinding up flax seeds…

Ahhh, more fun balls, this time I think I did 60 grams dates, 30 grams peanuts, 15 grams chocolate chips (more like Averie’s ratio)…

Next up, a variation on Vanilla Almond Mylk. I decided to mix up the ingredients in less water so that the almonds would be more ground up. Then I realized that I could store it in this condensed manner and just add more water when I needed it, like when I’m making a green smoothie

And my final presentation, is a Thrive smoothie (Blueberry Rooibos Antioxidant p.224). The recipe calls for ground rooibos. Also for a next-level ingredient you can add chlorella. The chlorella I found was in tablet form but the suggested amount to use is 1 tsp., the magic bullet made short work out of grinding it up. I used the vitamix for the smoothie, though…

For the smoothie I ended up adding 1 tsp. of xanthan gum for thickening, an extra banana, and lots more blueberries. The rooibos that I had on hand was a bit strong and overbearing, I think next time I’ll use a less intense rooibos, but overall, not a bad smoothie. But it still isn’t mine, I need to continue to tweak it.

So there you have it, multiple uses for the Magic Bullet… I intend to use it quite often.
Until next time…


2 thoughts on “Kitchen Gadgets, Part 4…

    • Averie – I agree that it’s a bit tricky to get it to stick… near the end of the mixture there are a few loose nut pieces which I just eat up right then and there. 😉 We like them a bit more nutty because the dates are a bit too sweet, funny. 🙂

      The magic bullet is pretty awesome, I’ve been using the flat blade (for grinding coffee) exclusively, I’ve yet to explore the cross blade (for chopping, grating and blending). But I’ve got time, right. I’m still learning all the nuances of my vitamix. 😉

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