Reflection Day…

Floofy - we miss you! (May 3, 1994 - Feb 15, 2008)

Two years ago today, we lost our best friend to cancer. His death forever changed my life. But his life changed me in ways that are continuing to bloom.

I wanted to take this day out to remember his life, and to reflect upon my own.

‘Floofy’ was more like a person than a dog. He was a zen guru. He taught us so much about life and not taking it for granted. But it took his death for us to really start making the changes in our life that he held so dear.

His love was unconditional and ever abundant. He was gentle with everything he encountered. He once found a fallen baby bird and showed it to me, without hurting it, so that I could try to return it to its nest. He was inquisitive about frogs, he would ever so gently try to smell them. He rarely got mad and even that was more of a ‘hey’ than actual anger. And then he was quick to make friends afterwards. He forgave easily and didn’t hold grudges. He took time out everyday to just watch nature. He literally stopped and smelled flowers.

He would be near me while I did yoga and would lay up against my leg while I was in savasana, this is one of the hardest things for me to live without. He napped daily and would gladly snuggle near you on the couch when he did so, often I would have my feet tucked in between him and the couch-back while he napped.

Since his death, we stopped and took a good hard look at our lives and where they were headed. We looked at our priorities and asked if that was what was really important. I think about him almost daily, he will forever be a part of my life. I can only aspire to be as good of a being as he was.

I wanted today to be a celebration of his life, not his death. So on this day, I will reflect on where my life is headed and if it is the path I want to be on. Life is a journey, but I think we can nudge ourselves occasionally to get on a path that is in the direction we want to go.


9 thoughts on “Reflection Day…

  1. Snowshovels have been located!
    Take a walk with ‘little-bit’ (and have him bark) and I will give you yours.

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